DIY Zombie Hand Decoration

I finally made my Zombie Hunter trophy hand! I’ll be using her in my next Anti-Sexy look ( no guesses what the theme will be) but I’m selling her on eBay too if you want her:

Music by Ellie Swisher:


RukiaFujioka says:

Forgot about the casting process- you don’t get a hand from just making a mold with alginate.

AlexPerez398 says:

You know, having the hand shrink reminds me of a child’s hand so overall this just creeped me out even more ..

But I LOVE IT!!!

Morgan Rose says:

this is so cool

Badriya Cabdalla says:

Klaire you never fail to disappoint us. I’ve been successfully put off my breakfast 🙂

Recurvess says:

This is why we love you Klaire and also why I’m probably certifiable. 🙂

Lil Joker says:

love your art

caity cat says:

Reminds me of Beauty and The Beast but horror addition lol

Lips Sfx says:

what alcohol paints did you use?

sophie gastelum says:

“maggot holes, youknow charming stuff”

no so charming when you´ve acctually seen a body full of maggots (god i love mycareer)

klaire´s sence of humor is literally my kind of humor

Ruby Dragon says:

Whoa. This is EPIC. I need to take one of these into my cosmetology school to scare everyone. Bwahahaha! >:D

andemaiar says:

This is really cool! I think I would’ve made ‘slots’ for the nails though. Meaning, I’d cut the flesh near the cuticle so the fake nails would really look like they were growing out of the skin — hope that makes sense! Otherwise, another awesome job!

Rin Kagamine says:


thinkingsistah says:

First. Never thought I’d type that but I can see why it’s addictive haha.

Karen1Nicola says:

You never cease to amaze me 🙂

Soe loe says:

So cool and a bit scary,but I love it!!!

Powdah FX says:

A specimen jar series like this would be awesome.

Kim's Beauty+ says:

Eek the nails being scraped! Made my skin crawl too!

Emily Yang says:

haha only klaire would use zombie and decoration in the same title. I must admit that it looks really cool tho

CultureShock Anon says:

It would have been cool to add some veins too!

Grunge Beauty says:

I’m getting Beauty and the Beast vibes from this lol

Tegan Theodore says:

So awesome

Sami Martin says:

Great video!! Love your work 🙂

The Unicorn King says:

I prefer the painted nails, makes me think that the person wasn’t expecting to see a zombie apocalypse anytime soon, or be turned into a zombie. It also makes you wonder, is the zombie still kicking? Was the the trophy taken because the hunter barely escaped with their life and has inseccent need for proof, or were they an extremely difficult kill?

Witte Artistry says:

I love the effect you created with the wax! it looks totally theatrical! nice work!

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