DIY Tumblr Inspired Room Decor for Spring! Easy and Affordable

DIY spring room decor ideas! Inspired by pinterest and tumblr.
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In this video I am showing you guys a couple of cool spring room decor ideas, these ones are for your wall! The first is a hanging tassle thing.. Not totally sure what to call it, but Ive seen these are urban outfitters, target, west elm and all over pinterest and tumblr! They are actually really easy and affordable to make. All you need is some sort of stick or wooden dowel, and some yarn. Firefly lights are a plus too! The second DIY I made was not my greatest because I bought the wrong kind of clay, but you can see how it could turn out! It’s fun to make DIY clay projects because they feel much more finished… when you buy the right kind of clay. Let me know which one you like best! – shelby church
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Heyit'sNay says:

Btw great ideas 🙂

Jasmine Reihana says:

Yassss Lorde!!!! where mah New Zealanders at?? 3:19 – 3:20

Lora Vojnovic says:

So cute

MochaAndMoccasins says:

ooou i like that succulent holder!

Shelley Nichol says:

Cute tassle wall hanging

Anna Kocol says:

Seeing Connor franta right now…..

Amiya S says:

where was the birch from

Yolis Puente says:

I like the plant one

Elena Erakovic says:

I thought i was watching Monika

Iman Abrar says:

its so great to know that you’re honest about your work, like some youtubers would’ve shown the clay DIY as if it was perrfect or something.x

AlyssaJaynex says:

These look so cool Shelby, great editing as always xx

Kaily Lee says:

i like both!!

夏夏育柔 says:


sophiamarie101 says:

Your wrapping lights on wood and yarn? Not smart. I wouldn’t be surprised if your room caught on fire

dheniesse bagtas says:

you inspired me to your diy projects

Đina says:


Anna T says:

the frist one is cool

Susana Zuniga says:

i like the first one more better is so pretty

Dayanna Cabrera says:

Plastilina means clay in Spanish but is like play doh but it dosent harden

Aleja Ashley says:

Please do a room tour! ❤️

Adrienne Finch says:

cute shelbae I wanna make the birch wood thingy

Laura Martinez says:

I missed your DIY’s so much Shelby! They were both so cute!

Amy Miller says:

i’m just randomly search diy tumblr inspired videos & i gotta say i love the random casey neistat reference <3

Elma H says:

When I hear Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman I Subscribe in your canal.


Aaajajajajjjajajaa LOVE YOUR VIDEOS GIRL LOVE YOU!!!

Alyssa Lin says:

omg when you realize the background music is from greys…

Lianna Grace says:

I’m a new subscriber and i absolutely love you channel! You are so cute and your videos are so good!

Pooh Saki says:

Do u have a twin

Bailey Kay says:

Why are you so pretty?!

patka love says:

wow i love your eyes

Brynne mo says:

Am I the only one that kept looking at her eyes because of the rings from the lighting?

Alessia Casco says:

OMG these diy’s are so cool!! Haha your confession made me die

Sarah Kast says:

wow whats up with the thumbs

LifeofFallon says:

This stuff is sooo cute!! I loveee making room decor way too much haha ❤️

Iman Abrar says:

its so great to know that you’re honest about your work, like some youtubers would’ve shown the clay DIY as if it was perrfect or something.x

See You Next Time says:

I like so much, all decorations…
SO CUTE ******

I subscrive your channel…
see you later,)

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