DIY Summer Room Decor Tumblr Inspired! Easy & Affordable!

DIY Room decor: tumblr inspired room decor, easy and affordable, DIY summer room decor, diy projects

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Hi guys in today’s video I show you, DIY room decor, diy room decorations for summer, and, diy projects, diy crafts, and, diy room decor tumblr inspired, hope you like these, easy and affordable room decor ideas, enjoy and let me know if you’d like to see, diy desk decor, or, diy room organization, thanks


Joshua Wilson says:

For the Doodle Pillow, does the ink on the pillow smudge?

chelsea m says:

Where did you get your eye pillow from? It’s so cute

Pets In Paradise says:

LOL I tried to do the doormat one and I made a Oreo cookie so the top is black and I don’t think it was dry enough so I walked on it and walked into the room and my white carpet has a huge black footprint of mine

Garota Alternativa says:

Hi, what font do you use in your video in the word ‘will’.
I Love Your Channel <3

Garota Alternativa says:

I URGENTLY need to know what is the source of your cover of this video that you used

Isabella The Unicorn says:

18 th of December

Darren Iz says:

how much sugery have you had

Ramou Sinyan says:

How do u edit and film ur videos?

Nailah Gonzalez says:

June 28

TheCraftsGirl says:

where did you get the lights that are surrounding your computer? they are fab <3

Queen of hearts says:

I got out June 22nd

jordana smith says:

Such a good chanel

Denise Vo says:

For the moon phase one could you bake it? Maybe that might keep the string from tearing through the clay 🙂

Tiki Tiffany says:

great video!!

Bella Bubbles says:

That pillow looked AMAZING

DAVA says:

hi hayley! the doodles that you did in the pillow its called zentangle

Victoria Miller says:

Your editing skills are THE best

Teresa Cano says:

We’re did you get your wallpapers and looks like flowers because I don’t want a cute flower wallpaper for my bedrooms

ofelia velez says:


EditingbyLayna says:

i made an editing pack about you!

Dasha Beaaach says:

What’s happened with your face?! You looking very tired..

iivioletaii o says:

your editing skills are better than my life…jk but they are amazing

Ashlie Garcia says:

I love her vids

AK crazytime says:

my school ended on June 10th but I skipped school on the 10th because it was…
will the other schools got out on the first day of June and it was so on far and sorry for my spelling

Briana Anderson says:

when you cut the pineapple outline my brother said “she is killing spongebobs house”hahahhahaha lol

Alex Timothy says:

great lol

Vampire 109 says:

did u sing in Airplane

zara nasir says:

I thought she was gunna show us how to make the mandala thing in the thumbnail

Ahmad Shabir Talash says:


Maya Griffin says:

Ik this is late and all but I get out tomorrow, in from Aus

JoAnne Headrick says:


KING SAM says:

i love ur thumbnail !!

The_Cute_Crafter says:

i can draw a perfect circle

Jessie says:

8th or 9th i think

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