DIY School Supplies! + Back To School Room Decorations

I decided to basically pimp out my back to school supplies

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If you see this, comment below “scooby snacks”

This video isn’t sponsored, yo. Its brought to you by my own teenage creativity making these DIYs in like seventh grade for back to school! Haha, seriously though. These things have been my back to school supplies secrets. Comment down below when youre going back to school and if you want clothes hauls, school supplies hauls, DIYS and more for the season!


MissAundréaDIY says:

I know it’s 2017 but I’m watching this video and I made the biogly notebook . I have been watching this channel.all day luv u eva and luv the new book u made can’t wait to get it

Juultjaah says:

who else is watching this in 2017

Kennedi Barton says:

I love ♥♥ your video

Bailee'sLife says:

Where do you find all this stuff???

Kennedy's World says:

Scooby snacks

Gym nastics girls says:

Eva I’m trying to do this transfer thing for a diy backpack and I have a question….do you have to use transferring paper? Cause i only have regular paper

Olivia Kariuki VLOGS says:

i miss this creative eva

Ayee it's Lexi says:

How to prank an idiot

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? Riddled ? says:

Why such a long intro

Avery Taylor says:

I’m watching this in February 2017 and oml

AvaGaming1 says:

scooby snacks

Ettie T says:

Who is watching this in 2017

Black_thorn Violet says:

Oh also I might do these ( if my mom lets me )

Elena Moaratty says:

Scooby snacks

Anna Martin says:

thumbs up if your watching in 2017

Heiđa Rós Rienhart says:

who is watching in 2017 in winter like if you are

Dance Eunmi says:

I’m rewatching the first ever video of eva that I watched.My obsession for eva started from this<3

tenzin #fourtris#sheo says:

Anyone still here in 2017

Ali Currie says:

Who is watching in 2017

Damariz Montejo says:

who is watching in january 2016?

Totally Taz says:

did anyone notice that “mom” was a man

Aniessa darradji says:

U look like future me!

Lizbeth Garcia says:


Jeff173737 says:


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