DIY Room or Home Decoration / Recycled Old Magazine

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DIY room or home decoration / recycle old magazine
DIY : paper pot holder (recycle unused magazine)
Recycle old or unused boxes into home decoration
DIY recycled old calendar or newspaper into basket :
DIY recycled newspaper into basket :
DIY recycled old newspaper :
DIY room or home decoration / recycle old calendar into wall decorations
DIY gift idea / christmas box

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Anica Siesta says:

How to end that?

Anny Gonzalez says:

espectacular gracias

Husnain Rehman says:

does the papers have to be long because I want to give this to my teacher

Saikrishna Machha says:

Nice I like it

rayva1 says:

Huh? How do you finish by securing those weaves at the end of your project?

jachelle stephanie says:

@ Stenila Simon Hi Stenila Simon.. just cut and weave or insert and glue.. thanks for watching.. god bless..

DreaGonzalez says:

How big is the square at the bottom? I already have all the tunes done but I wanna know how big to make the square

Stormie Higgins says:

I don’t have the patience for this but it looks really awesome

ChelseaG says:

How r u suppose to end it

petlover lovely says:

When I saw this I thought that it was really hard but when I watched it I found it was easy thank you so much it helped me a lot

cik nutt says:

its so easy……love it

C .Wright says:

it’s the same method as making corn dollys

oriente bridgette says:

definitely doing this now!!

Bro Music says:

how did you end it?

Angerella says:

It is amazing and really useful

Nadhifi Islami Putri says:

Aww. Thank you very much for posting this 🙂 Are you from Indonesia?

Jan Yves Adizas says:

what are the measurements of the cardboard and newspapers

Tuba Shaikh says:


Hosneara Pinki says:


Neetu Shrestha says:

very helpful thanks for share with us and awesome.

Destiny T says:

Thanks sooo much I did it and it was awesome

Sarika Jain says:

Good job but how u stick it

TVXQVeeAh says:

What is the size of the bottom? Is it square?

Ximena says:

really easy to do and looks good too…….

ariana wyndham says:

how do you finish this?? 

Death By Savings says:

How did you finish the top? Did you secure the ends with glue or tuck them?

Bianca Panzram says:

That article called ‘countdown to apocalypse’ looked interesting 8:26

Rahimah Ahmad Nazim says:

Hello can you tell me the outcome if I use a circular base?


awesome idea…thanks for sharing them

Daniella Louisse Raymundo says:

thank you so much for posting this… it helped me alot

Sandy Puno says:

wow! this was very helpful. thanks!

its been a long ass ride says:

Thank you so much! i love this 😉

Rizwana Sheikh Rizwana Sheikh says:

pottein ko bada demak hai

Stenila Simon says:

How do you finish off the top when you reach the height you want?

Lujain sabbagh says:

how did she end it..

Salina Fh says:

but does it matter to keep all the rolled papers in the same length

Lorenz Giganto says:


Farida Farida Huzefa Dada says:

show the last part

Ali Shayan says:

I like your idea

Merche Picazo Rodrigo says:


Maisha Mahmun says:

my sister can make these.

she sells it at her shop or boutique named
“cloth & craft”

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