DIY Room Decorations: Tumblr Inspired!

DIY tumblr room decor! These DIY Room Decorations are super cheap and perfect room decorations for teenagers!

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(her video should be up within the next few days!)

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Jazzy TUBE says:

Who else watches diy videos but don’t do them??

Smelly Ketchup says:

For the galaxy jar instead of cutting constellations cut out basic stars I mean yea know

Mero Aligned says:


Cristina Gurung says:

Awww the Husky is so cute.

itztiyonnabacon lol says:


Alyssa Mize says:

I ❤u. u r awesome

Emmy Loo says:

who is watching this in 2017, I am!!!

Its Bai says:

So like, I want to do the barrel one, but I don’t want to do Chanel, anyone have any other ideas on what I could put on it?

MrUnthoughtKnown says:

That is really nice

Ангелина DIY says:

;)thank you veri mach

Ava Stollings says:

❤️❤️Great vid!❤️❤️

Ангелина DIY says:

tumblr love

Crazy Girl13 says:

What color should I color my room

julees velzquez*** says:

omg I love you sooo much

Jason Martinez says:

we’re do you get that blanket on your bed

C.l Something says:

I love her videos



BoldTv says:

Woah she can’t paint for her life

Wendy Medina says:

Hello beautiful people, I will be doing a YouTube channel full of diys, life hacks, ect… SUBSCRIBE AMD COMMENT IN ONE OF MY VIDEOS! THANK YOU!

LifeWithGaming says:


Skeleton Bunny Thing says:

2 years ago yet I’m still watchingX3

Living to DIY with Rachel Metz says:

This is dope.

Hollie Austin says:

anyone know where to get “Din Condensed” I have a Microsoft computer and the font isn’t on Microsoft Word.

Harley Dagel says:

The dog seems to like the pillow because he’s doing what it said “Sleep all day”

PunjabiBoiOnDaInternet says:

ty this helped a loy

Uzemj Ulemjbayar says:

waiiiit is the dog sleeping or is it fake

Maddy Przybylski says:

I do DIYs a lot

Alicia says:

anyone else watching in 2017

Chillø says:

I thought the dog was a plushie….

bella xoxoo says:

Ich liebe deine Videos

Reagan Pereira says:

I love it!

nisa tora says:

whats the song? from the start

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