DIY Room Decorations for Valentine’s Day & more!

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Millie's World says:

my favourite was the lovve

Abigail Camacho says:

my fav diy is the valentines cans

Teresa Ayala says:

I love the love block and the decoration

Deep Singh says:

how to make that hearts that u have inserted in the red white ring plzz tell me

Skye Zwicker says:

felt blocks

Haley Jade says:

Who’s watching in 2017

MJO Fitness says:

I love the unicorn pillow

Wentefamily 123 says:

My fav is love letters

kate hauser says:

Oh my gosh I loved this video!

Thomas Gripshover says:

I wont the love bloked

Rhea Wallace says:

the heart galand

Pratik Patel says:


Reed Brock says:


Karissa Irving says:

I liked the tin can organizer

Alexandra Hernandez says:

theyou noa corn

Violet Sharpay says:

Looove your DIY’s! #subed

Autumn Jones says:


Arianelle O says:

whos watching in 2017

TraceR #927 says:

I like the first one I WANT TO WIN THE GIVEAWAY

ROBLOX_LOVER- 321 says:

the hearts

jayy amore says:

my favorte is the hores pillow sorry if i spelled that wromg

eevee & eeveeloutions says:

i liked the unicorn pillow <3

Hafsa Omar says:

I like the one love

Megan Sampson says:

My favorite diy is the letters

Nicole Crer says:

my favorite diy is the throw pillows

Phoenix 101 says:

My fav decor has to be the pillows there to easy and there also really cute!

Pratik Patel says:

I want the love

Awesomeness 2927 says:

Who watching in 2017

Leah Younes says:

This is all things I don’t have. I don’t have any of these ingredients.

Queen H. says:

This is so cool❤
I have to prepare for the Valentines Day!!

seth n dean r hot says:

my favorite day is the can organizer❤❤❤❤

Christina Burden says:

i like the can

Bella Roma says:

the pillow

Sam Morgan says:

the hearts on the wall

Ashura Paulino says:

My favorite diy is the tin cans

Nika Shegnagaev says:

I love your diys they are so cute!!!!

Sandhya Sandeep says:

My favourite DIY is the heart garland

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