DIY Room Decorations for Cheap! + Make Your Room Look Like Pinterest & Tumblr

Here are some super cheap and ADORABLE ways to update your room to look like Pinterest!
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What you will need:

A glass bowl
Soil and Gravel
Plants for your terrarium
A white canvas
Pink paint
Thin paint brushes
A pink pen
A coaster
E6000 glue
A mason jar
Teal blue paint
fake flowers!

Make your room look like the DIYs you pin on tumblr and pinterest! 🙂 Adding color to your bedroom in the form of room decor always helps to bring life into it. I used to have a boring plain white room until I figured out how fun colorful DIYs were! If you try out any of these decorations be sure to send me photos 🙂 xoxox


FTC: This vid is not sponsored!


Mia Bookworm says:

I wanna see ur little sis!! I bet she’s adorbs!! Also do another collab with Jeanine and Alisha!!!

Bilver1000 says:

She has a sister?!

Lina Husam says:

Why do I watch these types of videos when I clearly know that I’m not going to do any of these diys

Yasmin Mota says:

ok so Eva i saw this video millions of times and im in love withe TUBLRRRR!!!! so i was wondering if u can make other DIY’s on room decorations cause im getting ready to move

Anna Rosychuk says:

Me 2

Amelie Hutton says:

Love it

DOLLY D says:

My name is EVA to

Keaira Asbury says:

Eva puts the fun in Feng Shui

Crazy Awesome Unicorn says:

Who else had sound problems when Eva did the photo shoot for the candle? 🙂

GabrielleGianna says:

Eva puts the Fun in Feng Shui!

animal_ lover says:

she is in a magazine I have seen you in it

Cherry Fruit says:

What song was at 8:17

Alyssa McEwan says:

You can get the headbands at Claire’s

Thidi Phupheli says:

I am

Hajira Tara says:

Oh Eva ur sho cute…

DeElephantshrew ! says:

Is it vase or vaze

Myer Lumber says:

I love days make more days pleeeeeeaaaaase

Thecandy Kat says:

Am I the only one who turned there volume in the beginning and could still barely here

Kyla Thorn says:

i saw you on Bizardvark locked in a dongeon

Dave Beard says:

Look at the photo at 6:20 are they kissing

Gwyn Pagans says:

Wear do you live

Maria Clara Arruda says:

Miga tu exagerou no blush! Parece que levou 2 tapas na cara dos dois lados!

Andrea Schmidt says:

just skip to 2:30 in the beginning if you hate a long intro

Ivy P says:

does she even know what feng shui means…


99,999 views says:

You laugh a lot

Ruby Laine Rowsey says:

Did any one else’s audio get messed up torwards the end

Amélie Poi says:

Im sorry but i think that she put a lot of blush

CoolCat 53 says:

Eva puts the fun in Feng Shui!

yin xiao says:


Marlie Corson says:

i am watching in 2017

Ellen says:

The voice…??

Elizabeth Ritchie says:

Anyone else get here from watching Karina Garcia?

Thidi Phupheli says:

like who isn’t it feb

Kesia Jimmy says:

i tried one of ur felt coasters……..
trust me …
it was amazing

Amanda Sydniee says:

How did you not get pricked by the cactus

JK KEYTLIN jk says:


Alani Selden says:

what’s the song at 8:14 ???

bana manasrah says:

i love you

jadian white says:

The one I liked the best is the couster for your candle

Hailey auburn says:

From9:18 to 9:51 there is no sound. It’s literally just Eva showing off her coaster and lighting a candle

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