DIY ROOM DECOR! Pinterest Inspired | Summer 2016

Hey! Todays video shows you how to make some cute pinterest inspired diy room decor for summer! You guys know I like my black and white decor but baby pink is my new favorite color to decorate with sooo I thought it would be perfect for a diy summer room decor video! 2016 🙂

What is your favorite diy?

**All materials can be found at local craft stores or walmart :)**

Pinterest inspiration:

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polly s says:

where did you buy your tapestry? its really pretty !

Jennifer Wu says:

This was published on my b-day!!!

Nekie Swain says:

I lovvveee it they are so adorable

Personal Temptation says:

Where did you get this amazing wall carpet?

Hân Nguyễn Ngọc says:

Hi Katherine, Could you tell me what is the font that u used in the ” do what you love ” , please. Thank you so much @KatherinElizabeth

Stefania Anca says:

The DIYs came out so so awesome!!!

Jocelyn Diaz says:

This was an amazing video! All of your videos SLAY, they’re just so creative and original:))

Jessica Sivertsen says:

the pillow ❤️

Sophie Morgan-Smith says:

Where do you get such cure paint colours?

Zahra Anwar says:

I have a question. If I use hot glue would it come off if I wash it in the machine ?

Sharon Gracia says:

Goshhh your DIYs are always dopeeee. just cant get over it!

Hilde Neefjes says:

Can you do a diy mermaid blanket ps love youu

Kingsley and Clare says:

If you’re reading this you’re beautiful and have a nice day! 🙂 😉

Its Yasszz says:

Loved it! (:

Natalia Patel says:

can u please tell me where you got your light bulb? by your bed

Kendall Amenta says:

Does that hot glue hold together for a while?

Alyssa Aghabeg says:


lea powell says:

I liked all your ideals very creative and nice looking even for older women

Kyla Bernard says:

Awesome role model ♡

spicerice says:

hi! im new to ur channel and i just wanted to say wow. like u are such an inspiration. ive only watched 2 videos and im so addicted to u already. ull be seeing me watch all ur videos (time to pull an allnighter!!) ur videos are so helpful and funny unlike some other youtubers. ur so pretty and ur room.. wait no everything about u is goals <3

Maya Funk says:

Aside from other you tubers, I actually enjoy watching your DIY’s, your truly inspiring!

Equine obsession 127 says:

Where did you get the black and white pillow from??

T H S says:

I love it!

sabelle wikaira says:

Ha ha I have the same bed

Sugarcrypt Tube says:

I love the pillows

Freja Tange says:

You are my favourite youtuber! And your room is so goals 🙂

Kasey Navarrete says:

Omg My Name Is Katherine Elizabeth

Storm Appleton says:

Plz do another one

Chelsea Myers says:

What is mod podge? And what does it do?

Sofia Acevedo says:


Nina Saxena says:

I am in love with your room decor videos!!!! Your videos are awesome, keep uploading!

Alyssa Ann says:

Getting the tumblr vibes loving it

denice gracia says:

Where did you get your tapestry? ❤️

Claudia P says:

You’re so creative!!! Definitely the best diy girl on YouTube, can’t ever get enough of your diys xoxo

결경주 says:

Very good 🙂 I am korean but I was surprised at your DIY!! I am so glad to see your video :O

LEAF says:

Super creative! xo

Paigey Bear says:

Is pink tour new favourite colour

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