DIY Room Decor Ideas For Teens! Cute, Cheap & Easy!

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Zoey Davis says:

Your room already looked amazing

Anita Moorthy says:

your dog is the cutest. i wish i had a dog

LaErika Smith says:

it’s Lizette

LaErika Smith says:

shut up girl dung

Zoey Davis says:

Omg yes . My favorite color is purple and I am trying to do these amazing DIY for my room

chains of dimonds yaque says:

love it

Dadiva Mawaba says:

I am so into your DIYS

Djaimala Barendregt says:

1:15 is the begin of the vid thnx later


love the video keep up the good work

LaErika Smith says:

she do like purple she said it

Katniss Everdeen says:

I put SOME glitter on it. *tips on whole bottle* uummmm not enough

Rajeev Dube says:

these people are so rich

Hannah Cruise says:

this is great Remi i loves everything i will do a lot of theses

Sandra & Edna says:

Do more

tori122367 says:

Who else clicked on this video because there is an adorable dog on the thumbnail?

Alessi says:

Name starts with R and fav colour is purple. # fav video

ericbrey414 says:

Diys start at 1:17

shallot baby says:

at 3 59 she said sliver glitter instead of silver glitter

Jaela Scifo says:

This is by far the BEST diy video I’ve ever seen!! 😉 Keep up the GREAT work <3

Tania Kalombo says:

@Laurediy did all of these and better,just saying she probably just took from her but still you put your own twist to it so your getting there.In general KEEP DOJBG YOHR THING

Cupid Martin says:

omg ur soo pretty it’s not even fair!❤! keep it up

Stephen Blanchette says:

Can we use glue instead of mod podge?

glamour girl says:

i’m watching this video in 2017



Kitty Spy Girl says:

I love your room because I love the color purple

Taleisha Dunn says:

Omg you did it in my fav colour purple. Does anyone love this gals vids?

Nick Fauryan says:

I love your diy’s

Makayla Englutt says:

u made my day u are so inspiring

Bella Carter says:

i love purple stuff can you make more purple stuff

Carly Johnson says:

I subbed

Priyal Tripathi says:

in the intro i thought you were going to show how to make a live puppy XDD

Changhwan Jeon says:

your room is so neat mine is like one half cloud theme and the other side messy

Ja Moje says:



who is watching in 2017?!?!?

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