DIY Room Decor for Summer 2016! Tumblr Inspired Room Decorations! Cheap&Cute projects!

Hey guys!! In this video I’m going to show you some super cute diy room decor ideas perfect for summer, so let´s start!

For the first one you will need to print out the words “good vibes”, you can choose other words too, and then cut them out, and you can leave some links between the letters like so, so you keep the space between them.

Then take some adhesive velvet and trace the mirror image of the letters, cut that out and you will get something like this. Take any plain pillow you have and just stick the velvet carefully and finally just cut the little links and that’s it!

This pillow was inspired by an expensive urban outfitters pillow and I think it turned out really cute.
For the second project you will need a wooden stick, some yarn and some summer pictures.
Start off cutting a piece of the yarn and tie it to the stick to make the hanging part.

Then take 3 pieces of yarn of the same size and also tie them to the stick, one in the middle and one on each side. You will get something like this. Then take the pictures and place them facing down under the yarn as I’m doing in the video and tape them in place. For a final decoration I took three golden cardstock triangles and I tape them at the bottom, and cut the excess yarn. You can choose any color for the triangles of course. And it is finished! This is perfect to show all of your summer pictures.

The last one is super super simple. You will basically need a little cactus and some little stones for fishbowls or things like that, so basically place some stones in a vase an then the cactus and fill the rest of the vase with more of the little stones. Finally you can use some dried flowers as decoration and you have the perfect little cute decoration for your room! This is perfect if you kill all the plants because these plants don’t need a lot of care.

So that was all, I hope you really like all these ideas and thumbs up if you do! Also if you are new here don’t forget to subscribe! Have an amazing week and thanks for watching!

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These DIYs are so cute!!!

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what size are your letters and what font did you use?!?! I am about to start mine tonight or tomorrow 🙂

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Did you made your pink pillow? I love it.

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Ahhhh!! I am literally making this DIY right now bc UO is too expensive lol i cant believe you had this DIY! What font did you use for “Good Vibes”???

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Your videos are so nice. Quick and really great ideas!!

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I also have so many cactus in my room! Love them and I will probably spice them up like this haha!

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