DIY Room Decor | Decorative Tissue Boxes

DIY Room Decor | Decorative Tissue Boxes

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Migdalia Castro says:

Just lovely!

Kathleen's Island says:

This turned out so pretty

Pink Princess Blondie says:

Do you ever visit your old guinea pig? I was watching an old vid of yours and they looked so happy and loved u so much. I bet the one that is still living misses mama 🙁

AverageCountryGirl Nikki says:

It may also be pretty to put the silver contact paper on the marble box in the triangles like you did the first one!

D McKay says:

love the rose gold holder !!

Sahar Asparee says:

wow- you are so creative!

videokkrazy says:

thrilled to see your DIYs again !

serena luz del valle says:

Nice, original TFS

Carol Curtis says:

Not my taste but pretty non-the-less.

Bethzamarie Correa says:

I love each one!!

Jami Skelton says:

Love the boxes! That music is so annoying I gotta say

Christette C says:

so pretty! I just love your taste. I like the rose gold one.

Tina McKinney says:

these are pretty, you make it look easy. love the Pink champaigne and copper

Kalaxy says:


ahmed eddahbi says:

you are the best

Cozied Up Meena Artisan says:

oh wait …. someone text me and sad they are “shelf liners” @ CT

Noor Sketches says:

I like your diy and your style

Edna Sackor says:

miss seeing ur incredible vids becus I didn’t hit d notification button..but I’m back

Cozied Up Meena Artisan says:

sad … hard to get contact paper in Canada

six ty says:

Hi Christine, your videos inspire, calm, teach and do not tire visually, thank you!

Lollee Sparklez says:

white marble box very pretty

Harry,Jamie,Ryan Tran says:


Margaret Noksana says:

The music in your video almost put into a mediation trans. It was so relaxing! Thank you for this video.

No Place Like Home (No Lugar Como Tu Casa) says:

All the Box there very cute!! You do very good DIY I love it. Thank you for Sharing. I know you moving to Sedona. I moved to AZ a year ego and I love here I been in Sedona four Time is so beautiful there.

mantypoos1 says:

These were all so beautiful. You do such a professional job. I love all of your dyi projects.
I think my favorite one in this set is the pink gold with the copper. Such pretty colors. Thanks for the great inspiration.

TheRealAlinaZhu says:

The background music was…disconcerting

Fransheska Trinidad says:

Love the rose gold with the copper that’s my favorite

Tchikedy says:

But, you’re wasting so much contact paper, the way you cut it out :-/
I mean, to each their own, but it kinda bothers me ^^;

Other than that, it’s beautiful as always!

Helen T-Acosta says:

So absolutely beautiful! Great job! Where can I purchase the Pearl Pink spray paint? At Lowe’s?

Lomopac13 says:

Loved this! Can you do something similar with planters? I’d love to see the same idea on a rounded surface.

Emeline Emeline says:

Lovely video as always!! Does anyone know where she got her makeup brushes?
They’re super cute ^.^

Nhat Hoang says:

I love that pink satin paint!

Linda Curtis says:

Love these especially the rose gold and and copper! Thanks!

Bambi31311 says:

you are so creative and talented, beautiful ideas, thank you so much.

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