DIY Room Decor 2016 – Four EASY & INEXPENSIVE Ideas!

Hey guys! Since, a lot of you really liked my previous room decor video, I thought I would do another one. Love you guys loads – Nim XO

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mario lagunas says:

you are pretty i like your videos their nice your are a hard worker

jennyfabulous says:

hey nim could you do any more diy videos coz i really love you and ur art..:)!!!

Eve_Mannouch1686 says:

You forgot to add the blush to oscar !

Myka Barker says:


vanessa sarkodie says:

roomm decoororoor pleaseeee3e3eeedeeeeeeeeee don’t mind spelling

Sophie Sherlock says:

do more DIYs!!

Alexia Stoica says:

so cute

Krishna Krishu says:

thumbs up who are watching this in 2017

Plasma rose says:

More D.I.Y videos please

Rosie Posie says:

hi can you do morning reteen

Vidalia MrsCreepyCat says:

And that is the story of Oscar kids

Zayden Cressman says:

Can you please make more room DeCora videos

Samha Shazil says:

do one more please

Maddison Rutherford says:

Can you do another room decor

vanessa sarkodie says:

it soo cute so just eehh

Oreo Chip says:

I am not calling my cat aughster however you write it you have naming problems…

brian rodriguez says:

can you do shopkin sharpener

Jasmine Phakonekham says:


season of colors says:

more diy videos

Mala Pcela says:

Are i’m the only one ho always watch DIY videos but never made them?

Mehzabin Merchant says:

the last ome

Gabrielle Howard says:

This video was made on my birthday!!!!

EJ Gaa says:

What editing software does she use?

Rosie Garcia says:

make did videos I love them

Maddison Rutherford says:

Oscar is so cute

freefunflow lifestyle says:

Who was scrolling through the comments while watching the video

Suman Badhan says:

any birthday video

xylie spiteri says:

do the eat it or wear it challenge

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