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Disney Ufufy collaboration video with Tiny Sparkles!
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These Donald and Daisy duck plushies idea was inspired by the new Disney Japan store plush called Ufufy. If you are a fan of the Disney Tsum Tsum, you probably going to LOVE Ufufy!
They keep your favorite pen safe and look great as desk or room decoration!❤

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Ellie Song says:

They are sooooo adorable!!!!! You make great plushies 😀

Drumzie says:

A markiplier plushie? :O

Channal Shut Down says:

Hi! I was hoping if you might be able to make a Asriel Drremurr from Undertale plush! I dont care if it is the normal form, or the other battle one. I was just wondering if you might want to make it!

Toxic Sonic says:

WHAT sup girls

Tze Pin Ooi says:

Where to buy tat kind of sock

Ashley Mooney says:

where do you get your socks i can’t find them anywhere for cheep

Елена Мишина says:

А можно ослика иа?

Grumpy Chomp says:

BUDGETHOBBY PLS MAKE A MUFFET PLUSH DIY!!! Sorry I got excited…I don’t mean to annoy you tho I just think it’d be cute and fun and I’d really like to make one myself- er’ have my mom make it…I’m 11 I can’t amount to productive things…THAT’S WHY I’M ON THE INTERENET! (TvT)

Thao Trinh Minh says:

pls pls pls make a plushie meowchi. They’re really kawaii!!!! By the way, ur plush pen holders are super awsome!!!:))

Bridget Haley says:

great now i just need a cap holder for pens

Kirsten's Videos says:

Can you make BAYMAX plushie for me please please please, I will wait for that video. Thank you:)

Hatsunia Mima says:

I have a question about Ladder Stitching? Does your plushies ever open because of that technique or no if you are doing it correctly?

PokeSirena says:

Omg! So cute!

Emberfire says:

ufufy? yes. Temmie ufufy? FUCK YES (sorry about the cuss budget if u c this)

cute cat lumi the snow cat says:

do undyne plushie

레몬 says:

정말 귀엽게 잘 만든다…

That Pasta Girl says:

i wuv him ♡ ¡ ♡

Txx rare says:

I REALLY want to do these cute things but oh I suck at sewing… does anyone have any tips for learning?

PlushQueenDIY says:

Your tutorials are really easy to follow and very fun to watch! Thank you for all your fantastic videos!

stretchyfletchy325 says:

Omg haha when you were making the cap I missed the very obvious part when it said “cap” so the whole time I was like, “what in the names of heavens is she making?”

LilyCat89 says:

I subscribed to both channels

Cali Kindrick says:


Eleea Saechao says:

it was so cute

Thy Vũ says:

It so cute

Donna Bella says:

Can you make a Ducky Momo Plushie???

Leonie Kronsbein says:

Can you do something One Piece themed ?

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