DIY Halloween Party Decoration Ideas – Dry Ice Tutorial

Throw the best party with these spooky party ideas using dry ice!

Here are some tips:
– Dry ice isn’t sold everywhere but with a quick google search you can find a place near you that sells it.
– Dry ice can be dangerous if you don’t take some precautions
– Remember do NOT touch the dry ice with you bare hands, use thick gloves or tongs to grab the ice.
– Wear protective eye gear (goggles, glasses) just in case any splashes from the ice get in your eye.
– Most importantly HAVE FUN!!


KAT LPS AJ says:

WOW thisis aweesoem

Grandma ;3 says:

People keep putting on some creepy ass music at the start and its scaring the crap out of me

Christopher Casey says:

halloween party baby shower over here whoop woop

Alexandra Apostoliceanu says:

is normal ice

Mya Warner says:

once when I was around 5, I touched dry ice… I was so stupid lol

Forever Angel says:

How long does the effect last? I mean when will dry ice is gona be melted?

Hannah-Grace Fritz says:

How long will that much dry ice last?

Vocoded Glasses says:

Don’t try this in a cellar or simmular… you’ll run the risk of suffocation. Only use this in an open space or a space, where the air ventilation is lower than your face at any time, so the CO2 can flow out.

Rouger XAssault 435 says:

Nice video

Rouger XAssault 435 says:

love that smoke at 0:12

Luigi Gambino says:

I did this last year for Halloween (2015) and the dry ice melted my plastic witch bucket it was a mess so idk if I would do this again! can you give me some advice on what I should use for this year?

Tammy mencke says:

so for the red punch that you made i came across this genuis idea a few years back. get a clean rubber glove and fill it with water like a water balloon and add red food coloring and even add a few rope twizzlers for veins and freeze. then add to the punch bowl for a really good severed hand effect. 🙂 just thought id share that one for a little more fun

Gamerboy2004 says:

Love the witches brew you know if what you could do is get clear big bowl something like that put the dry ice like you did and put green glow sticks inside so it looks like it’s glowing at night

Stephen Blanchette says:

Omg. Thanks so much. I’m having a halloween party and I NEED ideas. This is perfect. I love it. =D

Iona Urquhart-Knell says:

So where can you get dry ice from? Like is it a certain type of ice! xx

Maisy Long ! says:

Is it ok for dry ice to get in your drink? Wont it burn you?
Thanks! 😀

Adel Favorskaya says:


Ahtziri Cardoso says:

is the ice regular ice from the frezzer

Heather Chick says:

that’s really cool

Yasmin Velazquez says:

i have never used dry ice before where can i purchase it and how long does it last?

N1ghtM4r3 says:

how long does the dry ice effect last?

Halasi Zoli says:

melyik Magyar kommentelő tudja hogy hogy kell szárazjeget készíteni????

Adel Favorskaya says:

the name of the melody??? please answer

Allyssa Brown says:

where do I get dry ice from

bluepaws lpsTv says:

my cousin is having a halloween party and i’m going to help decorate its on the October 29th 2016

xXMajestic WorgenXx says:

Where Do you Get dry ICE? :0

Pennywise the Clown says:

Liked and subscribed! Awesome video, and can you do a lot more Halloween videos? That would be awesome ❤️

Emily Keith says:

Is it oK to add food dye to the water?

J-hope says:

Isn’t that dangerous…put dry ice to a drink? :O My teacher said, that its dangerous to put dry ice to a drink ._.

Mia 12345 says:

How long does the smoke stuff last for?

Liam says:

Where would you find dry ice?

Jordan Roberto says:

best diy I’ve seen in a while keep it up!

Feirce Majora says:

where do you get dry ice

STORM werewolf pup says:

um. does this make a mess?

Jezebel hewson kyriacos says:

Todo perfecto pero el hielo seco en mi pais no se puede conseguir

Anny says:

awesome video! but this doesn’t work for me. I’ve tried for about 5 times. do you add any special ice of something? because it dosen’t work for me and I followed every step.

Viswanathan Vaidyanathan says:

So cool

STiiTCH says:

Did anyone else catch the Borderlands Second Wind sound effect in the beginning?

Adel Favorskaya says:

at the beginning

Immortal Tadashi says:

Maybe adding glow sticks would help some of you?

Elvis Raidu says:

how long does the smoke effect stay

tozurie says:

This is great!
I AM OBSESSED WITH HALLOWEEN! I cannot wait to make Halloween DIY videos this year!

Lizbeth Gar. says:

Where can i get dry ice?

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