DIY Fall Room Decor 2016 Tumblr Inspired

Hi(: Here’s Tumblr Inspired DIY Fall Room Decor that’s cheap and easy! DIY Fall Room Decor: Tumblr Inspired! 2015
Make your room Fall ready for cheap! DIY room decor for fall 2016 DIY Room Decorations for Fall! Easy Inexpensive Room Decor! DIY Room Decor for teenagers! Cheap room decoration ideas that are perfect for teens and easy to make! Inspiration for Fall Room Decor 2016: Bethany Mota Mylifeaseva Aspyn Ovard Rclbeauty101 and Hayley Williams (:

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Khloe Corrine says:

I find myself a little insecure, so this is kinda hard….
Something I love about myself is my bravery. I love that in times of fear or distress, I can calm myself down and try to help comfort others, to make them smile or laugh.

Cseke Virág says:

This video is so coool <3 I love you so much!

Eunice Carla says:

I want the coloring page that you colored! Could you please send me a copy? ☺

Caitlyn Edmondson says:

Can you please scan me the coloring page??

28nanii says:

Live love party

Nazifah Anjum says:

One thing I love about myself is i try to always be nice to everyone


I love my style

Glam Maam says:

my creativity

Juan Torres says:

I want te one you colored cause its cool

Eider Herrero says:

I love my lips because I think they are really different
I love your channel!!!

Cseke Virág says:

One thing I love about myself is my voice. I can sing well

Ada Wallace says:

The thing I love about my self is my freckles, I think they add character. A face without freckles is like a sky with out stars. Xx

Ava Clark says:

I love my long legs. I am a dancer so sometimes they can make me insecure because all the other girls are petite but I love them.

Summer Z says:

Can u please send me the coloring picture?

Deyshante Alexander says:

Is the best

Tina Carabez says:

Can I get the coloring page?

Caitrin Carlton says:

I like my eyes they r such a dark brown some people think they r almost black!!!!!!

Zoie Riggs says:

One thing I love about my self is my birthmark . It took me awhile to come to terms with it but i find that it makes me , me . Now you can’t see it but it’s one my eye and covers 1/4 of my face . When I was younger I had to have surgery for it but I decided to stop getting the surgery because not only did it hurt but it was just a waste of money since my birthmark will never fully go away . And every once an awhile I hate it but I’ve learned to love the things that make you who you are and for me that’s my birthmark (:

Abby Trepanier says:

What I love about about me is that I never give up

Christina Bonham says:

I love my hair

Chela Macaluso says:

I like how unique my name is! It’s Chela

Grace Jackson says:

my Instagram is @grace.stella.jackson for if i win also i think your amazing !!!!!!!1

llCass Iopeiall says:

Would you be able to find a way to send me the coloring page you colored that would be great

Lovisa Douhan says:

i Love that i say what i think wen i think it

Deyshante Alexander says:

my life

Jennifer Celentano says:

your mummy idea is so cute !

BeautyisVanessasary says:

One thing I like about myself is my long legs because it helps me increase my speed when competing in athletics event

Amelia Hansen says:

I love inexpensive these are! And I love the pumpkin flower vase! I could easily make it in 5 min from a dollar store trip!

Esmeralda Roblesgil says:

I love how much I care for people

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