DIY Edible Room Decor: Decorate With FOOD | Edible Phone Stand, Clock, Lollipop Night Light!

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DIY Edible Room Decor Ideas: Use Food To Decorate Your Room | Edible iPhone Stand, Popcorn Emoji, Lollipop Night Light & Donut Wall Art!

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Jessie Cassidy says:

are your hands pink

Aressa Willis says:

I downloaded line play

Gamergirl 29 says:

My avitar (sorry if it’s spelled wrong) code is SK-7433-1103

Mihaela Catruna says:

CR-4959-8702 IS MA CODEE

rin okumura says:

then ants will come and hunt you.

laila.c.scott says:

you have the best vids xxx

Victoria Mensah says:


genny c says:

Galaxy :3

Lily Deason says:

edible TV remotes

Evan Vigil says:

do edible clothes

XxMeghan Face HuggerxX says:

Video starts at 3:32

Lovelyunicorns#72 says:

how ever many likes this gets is how many edible vids she has made

Brittany Smith says:

line play was really really fun to me.

mary grisham says:

52156 is my avatar code

Wolfy Macarons says:

I saw macarons and was summoned! 😀

Jack's Anarchy says:

ants must have fun in your room

Clara Bautista says:

eset freee

Namuna Enkhbayar says:

im a glitter critter now! or whatever she said… no ofense

genny c says:

dont sware guys

Grafeil Felasol says:

What is wft

Kathryn Mackinnon says:

i love your videos

Andera Bustos says:

nooooooooooooooooooooooooo I like and love your vies

Matthew French says:


Hatsune Husky says:

This would be great if bugs didn’t exist

sweet pea says:

la la land is my code

Maine Mori says:

Candy land? More like diabetes land.

Clare Bishop says:

They are all epic I am now hungry

Caitlin Alton says:

What’s the game called

jonathanhunt100 says:

i am abbi i am 9

Erica Jones says:

please make edible soap

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