DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Decor Ideas for 2016

Here are some really pretty dollar store Christmas decor ideas that look so high end! Almost everything I use to decorate for Christmas is from The Dollar Tree or Dollarama and I do a little DIY to turn it into something that looks really expensive!

Use these tips, tricks and ideas to create some Dollar Store Christmas Decor in your home this year! Decorating for the Holidays can be done on a small budget!

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To see how I made my fall centerpiece, watch here:

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Crafty Kitty says:

LOL! I totally feel ya about not getting out of my PJ’s! I love creating stuff from the dollar stores! I go in and look around and ideas just start flowing! Just like you, I love finding stuff on the curb and bringing it home! Of course my hubby asked me to stop, no more room in the house and no you can’t have another shed in the back yard! LOL! I filmed an entire video didn’t realize that I had turned my phone upside down! arrrgh! filmed again and then deleted the wrong one! New Subbie! always willing to support a fellow Canadian! If you can subscribe back I would really appreciate it! TFS! Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Alicia en el pais de las maravillas says:

omg I love it, also obsessed that it’s from dpllrrama, I live in Canada too and I just assumed that it’d be from the dollar tree and I wouldn’t be able to find any of it!!! (I think I have seen dollar trees here in Toronto but I’ve never actually been in one so this is perfect )!

The Krazy Monkey Channel says:

I refuse to put on pants lol

Victoria Hall says:

Hi there! I rewatched some of your videos last night … organized my garage storage, two closets and dresser this morning. Such a help!

Now, about that CriCut …

Merry Christmas!

Gloria Desousa says:

Beautiful you have inspired me tanks for sharing

Whitney VanDussen says:

You’re house is so cute! I love it. I love all the decor that you put together from the Dollar Tree! Cute and budget friendly…what’s better than that?! You’ve also inspired me with your Java Gel Stain house projects. I just ordered my first can. I have a project to start right after Christmas!

Monica Delgado says:

Ur house looks even more beautiful

donna amendolare says:

great ideas! ty!

70winsome says:

Cass u have the soul of an artist and the heart of a teacher ! Love ur style and ur videos, no matter what ur hair looks like!! Lol

Vanessa V says:

I love your décor!! I also love shopping at Dollar Stores and decorating the house. 🙂

designofmagic says:

Love your garland over your window and how you added the reindeer!

Elizabeth Vallely says:

Enjoy your video, Very thing looks beautiful! Oh yes like a dollar stores!!! Thank you for sharing!! Just became a new Subscribed. Liz…

vera staley says:

This was the absolute best video of the season.  Honesty beauty and creation.

MademoiselleAsphodel says:

Everything looks absolutely gorgeous! You did a great job!

D Webb says:

I am inspired! 🙂 Thank you for another awesome video!!

sophia kennett says:

Now, that’s my kind of Christmas decor. #BrokeForTheHolidays

Betty Hall says:

girl it looks like you spent a lot of money, really beautiful

Iwonka K. says:

What a GREAT video! And I love the dollar store! Thank you.

Jackie Orlando says:

“I refuse to put on pants two days in a row!” ~ Cass from Clutterbug
(my favorite quote from 2016)

Sir Flynn The Kitty says:

New subscriber love this video. Thank you!

Shelley Meyers says:

Just subbed! I bought a 12″ tree that came in a box and had to be fluffed out. Bought two packs of bells, one in gold/silver, one in green/ red. Was glad when ?I opened it I saw it was a garland. Wrapped them both around tree and done. $3 and a fully decorated tree. Also two silver deer on silver serving tray. Another $3 and it looks great. Going to another DT tomorrow as I am still hoping to find the snowman mug with the carrot nose that sticks out.

Leanne Stewart says:

Love all your ideas.. my friend recommended your channel.. so glad she did!

Nancy Howard says:

I am impressed and inspired!

Patricia Marnach says:

I want one

Diana Jean says:

I’m so inspired! Your decorations look so luxe!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

Ruth Olene Shannon says:

binged on your Videos. love them!

regina Saling says:

I’ve always been a “crazy, eccentric weirdo”! And let me say you do it well! Appreciate all the time and energy to put out for the rest of us to be inspired and enjoy. Thanks so much!

thebeatonpath says:

Exactly how I feel about crafting and Dollar Tree!

Jana Zavitz says:

Love this! I layer my garlands, picks, flowers and ornaments too – and most of my stuff is from the dollar store too. Michaels has some fantastic sales too. 🙂

Tina H says:

I’m not very crafty, but I think I can handle these. Good job looks lovely

Donna Peter says:

I’m new to your channel. I so appreciate decor and craft on a budget, I love the challenge.
Thank you for your enthusiasm.

tallladyjay says:

You’re giving me ideas for next Christmas.

Amanda Barr says:

thank you for making this vidio

Robin Constantin says:

I love your necklace.

Laurie Moore says:

Love it

Chinggay Hilario says:

“I refuse to put on pants!” Cass, you are so funny. And so talented!

Stephanie Stevens says:

That wreath is amazing! I recently found a wreath at a popular craft store and it was $179.99! AND it was not nearly as pretty as yours. Great Job Cas

twedell0108 says:

I made the centerpiece and now I wonder what to do with it after Christmas I just doesn’t fit anymore but I want to keep it out. Any ideas?

Mary Christopherson says:

Beautiful home. I love Christmas decor and the DT is great for that. I have just
gotten into wreath making and doing more craft projects for my home.

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