DIY Desk Organization & Decoration Ideas

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In this video I will show you, DIY Desk Organization & Decoration Ideas, to inspire you for, back to school, and, DIY, your own decorations and focus on, organization. You will see how to make your own, book stand, pencil holder, keyboard decoration. I will show you, what’s on my desk, how I keep myself organized and decorate, my desk.


Kelsey Cookie says:

Love it so cute nice edit ing

Jumbled_ Thoughts says:

I hate to be judgy and all but it’s constructive criticism, not hate. These are cute but it isn’t exactly “decoration ideas” because people aren’t a just gonna have a polaroid laying around or a wooden sign. That’s more of a room toor then “ideas”. The keyboard was okay, and so was the cereal thing but I’ve seen it. When people watch these videos they are looking for unique style, not Pinterest. Plus the intro was a minute and a half long, which leads to people just skipping around the video. Very sorry if this sounded rude but it’s truth

sugar Y.T says:

Was the thing on the very top shelf a Quran

indira andi says:

You are kazakh?

genesis clayton says:

where did you get your table from? Because I wanna get one like that for my room

eb13 love says:

Where did you get your desk from

Explorer_Girl Minecraft says:

what was the last melody

Leticia Gonzalez says:

it’s not even diy your just putting things:(

Arya black says:

from where is this super cool automatic sharper?

miznakatsu says:

very simple yet effective organisation….love it….and cool editing dear!

Justin says:

27″ or 21″ iMac?

Rebecca Tederoff says:

The music is too loud I have to keep turning the volume up to hear you but nice ideas!

Ayah Alzubi says:

Can you make a video about how to do the

LannaProductions says:

+Ainura.k are you muslim? is that al-quran?? because im muslim 🙂 im sorry if I was wrong

Living to DIY with Rachel Metz says:

Love it!

alexandra calderon says:

did anyone notice that she played one direction “just cant let her go”?

Tiki Tiffany says:

great video!!!

Rhia T says:

LOVE it! What desk do you have in this video?

NikkiandGabbi says:

i found your number

Agatha Ardelia says:

where is the link to your friend’s video?

Mario Khamo says:

Where did u get your desk

Laila Scott says:

what’s the second song at the intro

Alexandra Zapata says:

Where did you get your desk

Anika Revilla says:

can you a diy for that phone holder

Nariman elkomy says:

its a weard questun but are you muslem

aseema Azeez says:

slow down

Julie Eyles says:

do room tour

Cherry Lou says:


Dadiich Club says:

Name of song on 4:40? P.S perfect video ♥ ly♥

MoonLightStar210 says:

The radio thing on iTunes doesn’t work for me for some reason. Such a lie, it says u have to pay to listen to the radio

Yasmine Semouna says:

03:42 !! are you muslim ?

aseema Azeez says:

r u a muslim

Olga says:

Honestly I think your channel is more than amazing and I honestly think you deserve more subscribers than you do because your effort of your videos are amazing ❤️

Camila Gaona says:

You have a beautiful view!

Mia Fotinos says:

Hi Ainura I just wanted to know what type of camera do you use to make videos

Jennifer Celentano says:

your desk is huge!

Lil Monkey says:

Where’d she get the desk from?

Syydo says:

i couldnt find the radio

Dezrah Mcgrath says:


shir a says:

where did you got that donut?????

ghan shyam says:

can you tell me how to make the phoneholder

Apple Bees says:

what was the last song from your diy

Просто Kat says:


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