DIY Desk Organization & Decor Ideas!

I wanted to cover back to school 2016 with some easy, inexpensive DIY desk organization and decor ideas! Details and links for everything below☟ ☟ ☟

♡ R E L A T E D V I D E O S ♡

My Office Tour:

Dollar Store Organization Ideas:

DIY Desk Organization (last year):

♡ I N F O ♡

♡ DIY Desk Planner
Clear desk pad
Post its
Poster board

♡ DIY Desk Organizer
Wood planter box – Michaels
Wood backing – Michaels
Cork roll

♡ DIY Coasters
Washers (3/8 inch and ¼ inch) – hardware store
Gorilla glue
Poster board
Exacto knife

♡ DIY Under Desk Cord Organizer
Wire basket
Power drill
Power strip


FULL TOUR with details:

How did I make my laptop cover? Shown in this video
What kind of phone do I have? Samsung Note 3 but upgrading to the Note 7 next week!
Where are the two lamps on my desk from? Home goods

Desk – (similar, my exact model is out of stock)
Monitor –
Glass Monitor Stand –
Keyboard –
LED Lights for back of monitor – (150 LED indoor Kit)
Desk chair –


Top is from a boutique in San Diego called The Closet (they don’t have a website)
Nails I’m wearing
How I do my fake nails at home

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Abbi Games xo says:

Where did you get your mouse mat?

Balaki Parameshwaran says:

I love your organisation and DIY videos. You are gorgeous, can’t wait for the baby

STAR_LIGHT85 says:

Girl This Was The First Video I’ve Watch On Your Channel. Amazing!!! I am A Guy & I Might Actually Do Some Of These DIYs. I Have A White Desk Too

Sarah Poirier says:

Diy and Organization

Kaylan Scott says:

Loving the lavender and white feel!

Bana 03 says:

Are You Lefty Or My Eye Sees It Lefty Idk Just Asking…

Sinead Quilter says:

God that basket is ingenious im totally doing that thank you .y favourite videos are your organisation and diy ones

sweta mokashi says:

hi Brittany, i m sweta , i m living in india , mumbai , i watched u r all videos & i mostly like u r purse , diy room, doller store room , desk & drawer organisations & also llike ur cleaning videos , its very nice

Janniah Williams says:

You really inspire me to do these videos myself but please can you do more room decor please xx

Amyisa Almazani says:

Love all the ideas. What are those two objects on both sides to your computer? Are they lamps or speakers? They look so cute!!

Breny P says:

I have needed this post it note system in my life for so long! I’m a post it note queen of clutter! I cannot wait to do this today. YAY!

Zainab Bah says:

i just wanted to say thank you for coming up with such awesome new ideas all the time!!!!

Natural Beauty says:

Great ideas, thank you!

MemeLovesPink says:

love your videos!!!.. I like the organization vids the most.. but really enjoy them all!

Hussey's Housemates says:

More organization videos !! 🙂

Latoya Council says:

The CORD keeper!! <3 <3 <3

Na No says:

Your baby is gonna have blue eyes 🙂

Dimphy Gloudemans says:

I love them all!!! and I like your jokes on the end 🙂 Those make my day! I like the mix!

Caitlin White says:


Julia Yates says:

I have the same lablemaker

Kendel Lewis says:

love the organization

Nicole Knutson says:

I love those glitter lamp/pillars! I hope they are a DIY 🙂 Also, my favorite videos from you are EVERYTHING! Literally anything you do is the best. I do really enjoy DIY, personally. The husband features at the ends are the cutest too 🙂

Slohivid Divi says:

Hey there,
What are the 2 tall vases/lamps, mirror tiles cylinders at the back of your desk either side (3:25) and where did you get them from? Thanks 🙂

Luana Mellado says:

your video looks like winter hahahaha ❤

STAR_LIGHT85 says:

That Sounds Like… The Weirdest Dream Ever Made!! XD XD XD

Amber Curry says:

I love this!!!! It had some amazing ideas. My favorite is DIY.

Vera B says:

Best video ever!!


i love your work.

NotUrBae says:

you’re so cute omg

Suhani best sis to all says:

diy and routines and cleaning the room

foreveryoung says:

The jokes in the end hahaha I love watching your videos more like binge watching x

Brianna Hall says:

i like how you do many types of vids

Sophonie Simeon says:

More home/room decors videos plz

Catgirl_ 06 says:

Organization and diy vids

MissAri says:

Every time I watch  your videos I am always amazed with the decorative ideas you come with. You never seize to amaze me. Great video

Madisen Wren says:

I’ve heard you say before you work from home just out of curiosity what is it you do? I’ve been looking for careers where I can stay with my child any tips?

TheUnknown says:

Oh I have that shirt but in blue

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I love your organisation videos

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OMG you have some of the best deco ideas gonna use a few from this video xx.

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Love your DIY organization ideas! Thanks a bunch. Also my daughter loves your videos too, thanks for keeping them appropriate for older kids.

María Jesús Ramírez says:

What’s that thing she used to print the days of the week?

fallon andrade says:

Love the lamp where did you get them or did you make them if so how.

Sinead Quilter says:

lol michael phelps

Pamala Meyer says:

Great ideas!!

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