DIY Desk + Home Office Decor Ideas

DIY Desk and Home Office Decor Ideas! Hey guys, I’m currently working on the blog posts for each of these projects, should be all posted in the next couple days, I’ll link them here shortly. 🙂

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rachel forero says:

Wow you are super talented. I just discovered you yesterday and I can’t stop watching. Thank you. I can’t wait to try some of these projects. Blessings!

krysaniasnight says:


ArtOFabric says:

This is awesome, may i ask how we can reach you for some inquiries?

nicole lopez says:

I just discovered your channel. I love it! ty

Ramie virk says:

the marble that you chipped and knocked off to make that beautiful tray is amazing. I always see broken love of marble and slate at my restore now I will definitely pick it up. Also do you have more videos from items from the restore?

masood jadoon says:

love you passion

Toni Tabron says:

beautiful creations.

Vandana Mishra says:

you are great

Amalie Mortensen says:

Is it just me or did the Marble Tray look best before she painted it?

cynthia sagar says:

beautiful!! u r amazing.

Bree Bockmiller says:

Where did you get the wooden boxes on the right side of your desk? Love them!

nana fiamengo says:

thos is it!

Miss_Bug88 says:

I love EVERYTHING in this video. Beautiful and nothing looks like it was DIY, it all looks so designer expensive. Thanks for the inspiration

Linda Curtis says:

Beautiful! Looks like I can even do these! LOL!

Jessica Durant says:

Lady you’re so cool

Eilidh Maisy Meow says:

Absolutely love these hanging planters. Wish I’d found this video earlier as I ended up buying ones very similar! Great vid ❤️

Aisha Ahmed says:

I wish more people did unique diys like you. I’m subscribed to a lot of teen youtubers who just recycle other people’s videos etc and just fill it up with music and crazy edits and seeing a diy video like yours is really refreshing!

fournier veronique says:

it’s “macramé” at the end

skinnygyrl 37 says:

Man… I used E6000 on a styrofoam board for a DIY project I was doing.That E6000 burned straight thru the styrofoam, literally melted it. It got really hot. I had to drop the styrofoam get some water to put it in because woe!!!!! It smelled up my whole room. So moral of the story, never use E6000 on styrofoam.

sharanie ganga says:

omg, i love you diy decros <3

Ruby Keyvani says:

omg where do you learn to do those knots?? I’m gonna attempt to do all of these DIYs! So cute and unique!

CIN4 says:

cool ideas! you kind of remind me of freelee and cassy ho

kay Chilly says:

May I know the name of the background music? thanks

Erma Evans says:

Where did you buy the Gold spray paint and primer?

bleeka325 says:

Usually when I watch home decor videos I don’t expect to use actual tools. The pieces are very cute

anna z says:

Beautiful work!

Chevy Williams says:

I remember you from those pretty pink black and white drawers inserts you made which got me going on projects…………….That perfume bottle is so pretty ahd You are So talented

JandM says:

These are all insanely amazing!

K. Mcfall says:

LOL I just love your comment section because it’s like my own thoughts over and over. You are definitely my style muse! So excited to re-do our bedroom with some of your DIY style and ideas!

Elle LaBelle says:

why the scary music though?

nard'e Well'r says:

So creative

Libierth Castaños says:

You are a very chic genios, I love your style girl! Greetings from Mexico

Stilla Adam says:

You have a very high taste..everything looks elegant and put together and you are so creative

Im by no mean a craft person but im enjoying seeing all of your creations

Keep up!

Tammara Shaw says:


JustCallMeKeebler says:

You did SUCH a great job explaining every step in that plant hanger tutorial!! Very clear, and precise. Made it look so easy to make. Thanks so much for sharing that with us. I subscribed for that alone, not to mention how awesome everything else was!!

rachel a says:

love your videos, im seriously addicted to watching them. its finally nice to see adult diys and not kid/teen themed ones. thanks and please keep posting.

Avalon Cakes says:

You are just so multi-talented!

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