DIY DESK DECORATIONS for spring/summer! DIY ROOM DECOR! Cheap & cute projects!

Hey guys!! You requested so much that I make more room decor stuff so today I’m going to show you some super fun an easy ideas to decorate your desk!

For the first idea you will need some kind of cute picture, you can search tumblr background spring or something like that on google or use some scrapbook paper if you prefer.
You will also need any kind of mouse pad you have around the house and use that to outline the shape of it on the paper. Cut it out and stick the paper on the mouse pad. Then use some sticky book covering plastic to protect your design and make the mouse go super smooth. Using a card is super helpful here. Cut the excess form the edge and that’s it!

For the super cute calendar, start off in an office document and open a table that will be 7by6 and stretch it like so to make it longer. In the first row you should add the days of the week. And in the rest the number of the days, each month obviously starts on a different day so make sure you do this right. You can change the fonts if you want and make the numbers bigger, things like that. Finally hide the actual table so you have only the days and numbers.

Place that on the bottom part of the paper and write your month, change the font and the size and add your picture or illustration.
Mine was from Anum Tariq illustrations.

Make sure you choose one that fits your style or the style of your room. Print it out and you have your very own calendar. You asked me a lot how I made mine when I posted it on instagram so here it is!

For the last idea you will need some modeling clay in any color, I chose white and make a snake with it, add a second color like this and roll it until it’s incorporated. I added a little more of the blue because it wasn’t enough, and then the camera decided to stop recording but I basically made a ball and flattened it like so. I printed this hexagon as my template to cut the clay but you can give it any shape you want. And don’t forget to bake it following the instructions of your clay. Finally you can paint the edge with some gold paint or a marker like me or leave it plain if you want, and that’s it! You will have some super cute coasters for your desk, and I think they are a really cute gift too!

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Anna DeZwaan says:

I really like her accent

Sara Gad says:

can u do more easy diys like this

Lucy James says:

I tried the calendar and it looks amazing! Thank you!

Tayler Strydom says:

Love your vids

dana yehia says:

where are you from ☺

Padmé Amidala says:

A youtuber with no mac book 😀

Amy Duck says:

love her

Jionah Baniqued says:

I love this room decor. I will really try this♥♥

satya kokkula says:

diy lover what’s is your name?

Alina Efimova says:

То чувство,когда лучше понимаешь англ.речь с акцентом.

Infires man says:

the calender one turned out so good thnxxx love ur channel so much

Joana Lopes says:

What’s the font on the word “April”?

Amira Nicole Lacsa says:

Your accent is cute. Your videos are cute. Everything is so cute ❤

apoorva valiveti says:

what do you use for editing your videos????

zoé audibert says:

Oh goooosh ! An other potterhead !!!!!! Love your channel <3

:D Dominika says:


# NADIA GC says:

where are you from

Felicia Gunawan says:

what font did she use??

Angelo Ramos says:

+DIYlover what is the font style you ise on your diy calendar? please answer my queation asap! thanks in advance! i just really need to know.

Reșă Erx says:

0:00 – 0:17 music ? ^-^

Aurelia Virgie says:


Park Thea95 says:

Best of all!

super girl says:

nice video i♥ you
diy lover

Bea H says:

Love these ideas!!!

Diy Nerd says:

Great ideas!

Janaira Bush says:

@DIYlover where did you download the font from microsoft?

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