DIY Desk Decor And Organization Ideas In Candy Style – How To Make Your Desk Looks Sweet

Give your desk a makeover with these very easy and super “sweet” 6 DIY projects.

I start with DIY pencil holders, “filled” with sprinkles. So easy and so colorful – awesome. You will need:
a glass
empty plastic bottle, which can be placed into the glass (I used shower gel bottle)
sprinkles (or beads, as a substitute)

Next DIY Desk project is a watercolor rainbow lollipop coaster. Love the way how it turned out – so watercolorY 🙂 You’ll need:
cork coaster (or cut the circle from thick cardboard)
watercolor (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet)
clear tape
double-sided tape
drinking straw (or a rod from cotton bud)
ribbon (if you want to tie a bow)

The third desk decoration is – Candies-Magnets (NOT EDIBLE)!!! Super easy! Paint round fridge magnets (I painted them like peppermint candy), wrap them in cellophane (I used an oven bag) and secure ends with ribbons or just sewing threads 🙂

The fourth and the fifth DIYs are pencil toppers – Sprinkle Lollipop and Fluffy Marshmallow.
For the Fluffy Marshmallow (which goes first) you will need white and pink yarn (like white-pink marshmallows) and scissors 🙂
For Sprinkle Lollipop you’ll need a table tennis ball, pink nail polish (if you like strawberry lollipops as much as I do ;)), a piece of sponge, school glue, sprinkles and hair spray.

And the last desk decoration in candy style is a stationery organizer from cupcake stand (which I show how to decorate) and colorful cupcake liners (as holders for pins, paperclips, erasers, sharpeners etc.) What can be easier, and what can be cuter? 🙂

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mahin nawar life says:

pleas dye a majekal desk organizar

lea lilililou says:

hi my name is lea i like you your DIY are very good i you like and your DIY

Khalid Sacha says:

very nice

ksusha Cake says:

я одна здесь русская??

Настя Плу says:

хоть я и русская, но я просто обожаю этот канал!!!

Dünyaya DÖNÜŞ says:

I am a turkish but I love this channel. I can sometimes speak english

Tarvinder Kaur says:

l love your videos in this my favourite is candy stand and cupcake stand

גני אלייב says:

Do you have to use glass.

LPS chubbybunny says:

is it optional to paint magnets

Salome Glonti says:

Wish my desk was that so organized •.•

Petek Ve Sen says:


elmeddin orucelizade says:

gillian bower

Basil Sadiq says:

I really like idunn goddess videos

litlvika DIY says:

what is the music on 0:03?

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Atilla Dusmezkalender says:


Milica Madic says:

lep klip

Shilpa Gadhiya says:

it’s my favourite YouTube channel I love it ideas

Ramakant Mangaonkar says:

fluffy marshmallow was awesome

Itty Bitty says:

does anyone know how to make a yt video?

Imane Ziane says:


KB TJ says:

like a candy world . .

Gabby Rivers says:

the 1st one will track ants maybe

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