DIY Desk Decor And Organization Ideas – How To Make Cute Animals Desk Set

Absolutely adorable and easy way to make your desk bright and cute! From this video you’ll find out how to make a Piggy Eyeglasses Holder, a Snail Tape Dispenser, a Crocodile Stapler and Elephants Phone Holder.

As usual in my videos – materials are cheap and can be found at any home.

For the first DIY Desk project – cute Piggy Glasses Holder (which I find very useful for me) – you will need a ball (circumference is about 26 cm), 4 beads (for legs), a drinking straw (for tale), plastic bottle cap (for nose), pink felt or cardboard (for ears) and googly eyes (or just draw them).

The next DIY Desk Set item – DIY Snail Tape Dispenser. It is soooo cute and really easy to make. You will need a clear case tape dispenser, pink and blue acrylic paints, nail polish (for dots on the shell), 1 cotton bud (for tentacles) and 2 beads for eyes.

The third desk decor idea is a DIY Crocodile Stapler. Or maybe you prefer alligators… 🙂 – then you can call it a Gator Stapler. Well, you’ll need: a stapler, green acrylic paint, a piece of white paper, black marker, double-sided tape, 2 beads and one pink sticky note.

And the last Cute Animals Desk Kit Accessory is an Elephants Phone Holder. I am in love with this cute couple of elephants. So, you’ll need two tape dispensers, pink and blue acrylic paints, cardboard (for ears), paper (for eyes) and the rest shown in the video is not necessary… But the girl elephant looks so cute with a bow and eyelashes 🙂

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Have fun and never stop diying 🙂


Robertito Videla says:

el bideo con ideas

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Ash Ketchum says:

You look so beautiful when you wear glasses!!!!

Layla Evans says:

So cool

Sandra Lísa Andrésdóttir says:

you are so good at diy

Ghanshyam Tanwar says:

sara is more creative than you

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How to PETS With Violet &Kiira says:

I love your channel you have very short intros and you don’t talk when you make your creations

Gretel Neo says:

Love The Pig . In fact i am going to try to do it.!!

glam milka says:


Frankenstein Returns says:

Your all things r so decorative and beautiful and love ur diys

Binh Phan says:




Lps brouk cake says:

Omg cool

Maryam Peer says:

Ur videos are amazing in ur next video can u do a unicorn one pleeeeeeeaaaaase

Robertarita Fragiorgio says:

sei bellissima !!!!

Leyla Leyla says:

i love this channel and i love you

Robertito Videla says:

y dunn goddess es el mejor

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I love you!♥ pupyeochka))

Laura Holmi says:

I love your

Officialstar DIY says:

cool I will make that it is amazing wow

Ognjen Andrejic says:

kako da nosimo u skolu

Balqissyazana Balqissyazana says:

bAbi tu x cantik

Monse G says:

Que bonitos gracias!!! ♥

Dagmara Burda says:

It’s fann

MissKittyUnicorn says:

For my stapler I made a doggie

Chelsea Parker says:

The first one is great for me as i leave my glasses everywhere! Now I don’t always have to put it in my case



Kateřina Šulcová says:


jak319 jak says:

cool idunnGodess

Amayrani Dorantes says:

que bonito

DeerYew ! says:

I decorated my brothers desk. Yeah I got in trouble but it was worth it because they are so cute and my brother was so mad. Hehehe

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