It’s Friday Christmas DIY! Every Friday until Christmas, watch Katie craft or bake special Christmas goodies. Today, she crafts home decor: Christmas card holders and tree art. *Remake these and tag Katie on Instagram!* ♥ Another Flippin’ Fun Video from Flippin’ Katie!




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lucy mollie says:

Christmas food!

Gamer Jack says:

Those are some nice ideas. I like the tree with the lights most.

Mike Jacobs says:

Great vid! Maybe next time don’t speed it up so fast though.

Alycia Gill says:

hi it’s Alycia and I love DIY’s

Nick Wilkins says:

Great projects, you’re very crafty Katie. Your Xmas red/green braces look great……but…..will you have to get new colours in the new year?  :/

Fabulous all the time Yay says:

You should call Fridays DIY days

Gymnast Hannah White says:

Or crafty pigs cause she loves pigs

Lily MacCrimmon says:

Can you do more art please

Konwanenta:wi Oakes-Cook says:

Your so cute katie!!!!!

Madison Nicole Ziegler says:

Why dose she sound like that IK she has braces but they make u sound like that

Willard Williams says:

Katies crafts are good ones.I especially liked todays crafts.Where do you get your ideas?Great job.

Julianne Kennedy says:

I feel like katie just doesn’t look right with braces but I guess its bc I’m not used to her having them..

Gymnastics Penguin says:

I laughed my butt off when Katie said ” I want mine to look like toy story so I decided to make it look like a kid did it.” OMG, she is a kid.

My Musically and gymnastics says:

i am going to do this

Olivia Smith says:

She looks so young with braces!!

Afra Life says:


namey_ was_here says:

i have the same colors on my braces to

lily slater says:

honestly i couldnt even tell that you had made them yourself they were so good that they looked like they could of been from a shop! good job!! loved this video xxx

It's me Kayla says:

who else thinks she sounds younger and looks younger?

Ry Wilson says:

i wish Bren had his own channel 🙁 i dont wanna do christmas decorations. i wanna watch soccer and play video games dang it 😛

Janelle Araujo says:

Aww Katie has an expander and it gives her a lisp. I had one as well and my lisp was pretty bad but I got it out in just a month. I couldn’t pronounce E or anything with it

Elizabeth Moore says:

Katie, please continue your DIYS I have enjoyed them so much!

Rebecca Murray says:

love these vidieos you should continue them after christmas

repede55 says:


Hayley Jones says:

Katie you look super good with braces!!!

Hailley Sabdoval says:

loved it

The Twisted Sister says:

You are so darn cute katie!

SnazzyPants 101 says:

Her voice sounds different with her braces in

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