DIY Christmas Cards & Decorations for Kids with Alyssa

In today’s video, I show you 5 of my very favorite DIY Christmas cards and one of my favorite DIY ornaments. I picked these because they all use ordinary things like popsicle sticks, buttons, paper, glue and paint. I hope you love them as much as I do and that you try some of these on your own! Thanks for watching!

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yero rojaa says:

hi alyssa

Muyhavtro Gamez says:

Were do u get it

Sqarlette Hinojosa says:

my favrit is all of them ☺

Gymnastics1 says:

I was so bored but then I saw this and I’m like I have to try this out

MAYA'S Chnnel says:

ALYSSA is my BFF!!

Amy Castellanos says:

i love the same alyssa

Helena Plowman says:

that good

Amardeep Ahluwalia says:

I love your card

Julie Hassle says:

no I don’t like it

Ashley Fate Castañeda says:

hay alyssa i do the christmas light card

Florina Constantin says:


Dean Michael Joseph Babcock says:


Zuzanna Malinowska says:

my 2 favourites where:
1.the one you where holding up at the end and the hanging buttons card!! Overall I LOVED ALL of them

C C says:

I am breaking the rules but I have to because I have to pick all of them

adam bautista says:

i like the finger tree

Noe Flores says:

my 2 favorites are the finger print Christmas tree and the light one

فهد الحربي says:

أحبك LoVe

Rosalva Perez says:

hello alyssa my name is deisy

Margaret Farrell says:

I have a book and it is called Alyssa the snow queen fairy

Julie Hassle says:

oops sorry my sis did that it’s great

Valentina Urtubia says:

puedes a ablar en español

Galuh Noinara says:

good job alyssa, it was so pretty

nenereynozo Reynozo says:

yum 7uu unforgiving

Warda Saeed says:

I    LIKLE       YOUR        VIDEOS

Luane-Mari Cornish says:

I love your video I love the one that you love I love both of them the 2 to 2 okay bye

Wasim M says:

My favorite one was: the one that said: hope your Christmas is merry and bright!

Mariafe Bertulano says:

Thats what I did at my school

Boo Boo Baby Gamer Girl says:

i love your vids

john en eef van driel says:


Muyhavtro Gamez says:

I love u

Jazel Machado says:

I like all of them

Florina Constantin says:


Kandace Wilson says:

You truly are a AMAZING artist. I had to get Christmas cards sent out ASAP then I clicked on your video and I fell in love with these ideas! You are a inspration to everyone whom watch’s your videos. Keep up the good work!

عبدالرحمن عبدالرحمن says:


Beau Comtesse says:

awesome Christmas stuff love u a Alyssa

Shima cat says:

I like the Christmas tree !

PizzaIsBae says:

I loved the paint sample Christmas trees and the button ornaments. I love u Alyssa! Awesome channel and make awesome vids

perler beader says:

My favorites are the lights and the Christmas tree made out of finger prints

Akeesha Campbell says:

my favourite is the string of light

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