DIY Back to School Room Decor + Organization!

Hey guys! In todays video i’m showing you guys a bunch of fun DIY and organization ideas for back to school! Make sure to subscribe if you’re new and give this video a thumbs up! Hope you have a great day! :)))

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Washi tape Organizer Instructions!:


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Q: What camera do you use?
A: The Canon 70D With a 50mm 1.4 lens

Q: What do you use to edit?
A: FinalCutPro

Q: What is that on your chest?
A: No, it’s not a hickey. 😛 It’s my scar from my open heart surgery!

Q: How old are you?
A: 18!

If you see this comment down below “I saw you in target!!” haha 😛

Peace Out My Crafty Dawgs!♡


durga sirimanna says:

If u have a washi tape organizer why would u put them on the little bin thingy

Red DoesGaming says:

what store can you get washy tape from

Ashiba DIY says:

I love your diys

Simply Sarah says:

I saw you in target!! HEHE

Emily Barlow says:

She looks like Ava from my life. Is Ava YouTube channel

Kim Hinojosa says:

i saw you in target

Lera Kravchenko says:

You tell everything very very fast

M devy says:

I love how happy you are

hadeel shabasy says:

I saw you in target

Baby Devil says:

really cute!

Julian Nevarez says:

where did you get those wooden pencils they look cool

Rylee Ashley says:

5:19 no i bought the same exact cattiest at Walmart and it was 3$

Jiangang Yu says:

For lilac u said LIE-lac. No offense!

Лизка Варламова says:

I am from Russia

Amy Li says:

I saw you at Target!!!!

Kaja T.H. says:

basicly i watched almost every diy back to school video…and this one is seriusly the best one! loved it soo much

Ioana haha says:

I saw you in target!

Haley Verastegui says:

u inspire me to do good in school

Serafina's Churros says:

Song in the beginning???

robyn.alice.b says:

5sos fam where you at

fromano13 says:

Anyone else think she looks kind of like MyLifeAsEva?

Victoria x says:

you are to much tumblr shit i can see it i your room its not pretty

Funny Plant says:

What’s music

Serafina's Churros says:

Omg I saw you target !!!!!!!

Brilynn Syms says:


Chris Bates says:

Saw you at target!!!!!

Millionways 4Vids says:

is target or something a online shop?

Bexters 11 says:

She made washi tape organiser but she put the washi tape in the bins and desk organiser though

Safaa Sattar says:

I saw that C but as in a S at home goods !!


The bottom of the washi tape holder !matches her nails 3:08

MJ &Co says:

I absolutly like your videos but the camera sometimes moves a little too fast… could you Fix that please? besides that, your videos are litttt

aletza the Guinea pig says:

it’s so FLUFFY

Michael Jackson says:

I love ur idea’s ur very creative and I just adore ur room

omgitsesperanza says:

Are you apart of the 5sosfam?

Fab's Creations says:

When you want more of Eva you come here haha. I love this type of videos! They’re the absolute best! <3

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