DIY Back to School Notebook & Folder Decoration | Sea Lemon

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Here are some DIY decoration ideas for your binders, notebooks and folders!

• Black chalkboard paint –
• Thin cardboard (cereal box)
• Scissors
• Sponge brush
• Chalk & Chalk markers –

• DIY stamp
• Black pigment ink pad

• Red, blue, white paint (acrylic or oils)
• Paint brushes

• Pencil
• X-Acto blade

• Ribbon (3 mm, any size will work)
• Ruler
• Pencil
• X-Acto blade

❋ Spray Sealer
To prevent smudging and protect the ink/paint, I used Mod Podge matte clear acrylic sealer – Other sealers will work too.


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MantisQueen9 says:

‘Ey! You made a Warfstache! That’s my favorite kind of mustache XD Yeah, I’m aware this was made almost 3 years ago but STILL, just wanted to point that out lol

cath w says:

Love your ideas can you do I decorating video for an expanding folder please?

Alen Avetisyan says:

i ❤️ your videos

Precious Bautista says:

Sea Lemon I Am 10 Years Old I Leave In Philippines, Can You Make A NoteBook Cover That More Easier Than That Coz It Is Hard For Me Can You

Christine Mellgoza says:

Can you make a slime video but no borax no detergent and no liquid starch

zee kay says:

the best diy channel ever

Rei-kun says:

I’m a huge fan of your DIYs because of the creativity and functionality. I’d really like to see you make a file organizer or multi-pocketed folder sometime! I think keeping papers in organized groups increases productivity!

Hanie Wong says:

what is the material of the folder??

Heaven Derije says:

Your channel is extremely amazing!! ❤️❤️✨✨

Rayna Chowdhury says:

Hey make another one for 2015!!!! PLEASE!!!

jagdish M says:

I Luv the name Sea Lemon I luv ur videos

Angel Jinx Dallas says:

How do you do that Homework ribbon design that you did on the chalkboard binder? It’s so cute and I wanna draw one myself!

Serenity Nunez says:

Can you make a notebook for all the high school students who take a lot of note? The normal notebooks you buy at the store are so boring and expensive, plus they never last. Knowing how to make awesome, lines paper notebook would save so much money.

Zwacki Attacki says:

When you have a non-paper folder


Simster says:

Wow ur amazing

irish ayson says:

this is my first time watching one of your video. And its amazing!


The cardboard that people use to make cereal boxes is actually called paperboard FYI not to be rude just stating something

emoji lover says:

does chalk board paint work on paper

Hey, its Gemma! says:

I love your tutorials sooo much!!! 🙂

Judith Onaghise says:

Where did you learn it?

WHERE?????????!! 🙂

Midnight Moon says:

when she was cutting on the pink paper for a mustache who thought of markiplier?

Alwani8403 says:


katie brown says:

How much would the chalk paint cost$


I used the galaxy print on my journals and I personally added a tardis to mine WHOVIANS FOREVER

Elizabeth Iacavazzi says:

The past couple school years, ive been doing paper bag book covers, so that i can decorate them how i want, and i too did a galaxy print on my literature textbook… I love it!!!


Also I used the galaxy print on the lid and front of an old toy chest with Dora on it it looks 20% awesomer than before thanks

Miss Zombunnî says:

*moustache, not mustache

Aylin Mikkers says:

Why is your Channel called sealemon? It’s Awesome by the way! I always look forward to seeing my friends again when the new year starts.

Bituuinn says:

For the galaxy design can i use poster paint?

Morgan Elizabeth says:

The dual colored folders are so pretty! I like the blue and orange one!

Sanguine Requiem says:

Pink Mustache…… Markiplier anyone?

Camila Ibarra says:

Can you make it easier

Kendall Sings says:

Hey Sea Lemon, I think it would be a cool idea to make another recreation from a movie and make the “Burn Book” from Mean Girls!

Savanna Totten says:

When I go back to school I look forward to seeing my friends cause when I leave fir summer break I don’t get to see them so its good to see your best friends after 100 days of vacation

pillow case says:

Did you made the binder that you used or you bought it… Thank You.. ♥♥♥ I really like your videos. And I want to give you 5 stars ★★★★★

Vacant Vessels says:

Hey jennifer! Could you do a tutorial on how to make some folders for school? I personally have a bunch of cerealboxes just lying around and i think folders would be a great way to use them for back to school next year!

The Kind Martian says:

I’m done school and I’m watching this

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