D.I.Y Decorative Coaster Lamp!

Making a lamp from some unused coasters! Nice!

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FISHY says:

you could’ve twisted each coaster for a cool spiral kind of effect

Ricardo Siabato says:

not nice!

Linas Venskevicius says:


Shohid Khondokar says:


hyqhyp says:

Love the final touch : a tray for keys etc. Cool!

Simple Magic LE says:

Hey there are some Reverse Videos on my channel, check them out if you want 😉

Papyrus Gaster says:

You should’ve made it collapsible 😉

PeJv says:

ps3 next to the lamp

Shaz Khan says:

nice work

Numan Khan says:

amazing bro

suthatip p says:

OMG IM YOUR #1 FANNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cardboard Creator says:

what are the exact materials to make this cool

GOODfreak says:


Kirkwin Films says:

You said coaster 13 times in a 4 minute video. That’s basically saying coaster once every 18.4615 seconds. Average.

MisterRostoker says:

руки то золотые, только из жопы растут

North Sea Brent says:

The table tennis/ping pong lamp was defiantly the best so,far.

ishaan Shire says:

what kind of woods are u using and what alternatives can i use if the wood is’t available?

J. Crook says:

Another awesome video I’ve been watching since u only had a few thousand subs and I build one if you’d first pencil crossbow projects and I brought it into school once as a joke and my teacher shot it at a wall not knowing how powerful it was and it left a big mark there XD keep making videos

RimWulf Randall says:

try lining the white paper on the bare wood under the LEDs to deflect and defuse the light the shiny wood I’d reflecting (opposed to deflecting: allows you to see the individual. do paper could increase the illumination.

- Firehawk - says:

Very nice design as usual, Andy. I’ve already made the Simple Peg Lamp, the Mood Lamp, and am planning top make an Illusion LED mirror soon.
One suggestion though : you should really announce the average time for completion for such projects, or at least the time it took you from start to finish. This would give people an idea of the time they need so that they can plan it ahead.
Some projects (like this one) require a big, BIG amount of time. You’d then enable people to choose which project they want to do, according to the amount of spare time they have 🙂

skips007 says:

where am I gonna get coasters from?

BurntToast says:

now lets all agree. to never be creative again. 0:20

Itz Beast one says:


KingOfTheBananas says:

Well thats cool, but those solder joints -_- eww

Aleksander Pors says:

Could you tell me the dimensions of these little plates?

caroju1967 says:

poderia caprichar um pouco mais…mas ficou ótimo

John Blake says:

These are the most normal coasters, yet I can’t find them anywhere.

ZACCARO Custom Things says:

interesting project.

Magesa Biseko says:

Safi sana

Zombie Boy says:

Do some for kids plz i love you as a fan

John Blake says:

How many lumens are the LEDs

Kawaii _Kookie74 says:

Could u just tape the wires to the LEDs or would that not work

Golemite - Clash Royale says:

mist8k = mist ate k = mistaitk

Penot says:

Ooo i forgot about channels that did little DIY things like this! Cool videos man, keep it up.

Nick VW says:

This is really cool. I’d have probably rotated each layer slightly thought to give it a spiral look. But still really rad nonetheless!

Beto Thomas says:

Congrat!!! Very nice idea!!!:-)

caleb horton says:

much wow

Apollo DSG says:

I should suggest to use wood glue then it might last longer

Stanley - Tutorials Of Random Things says:

Can you make your merchandise again because I really want it

THE RAYZZ!! says:

yo whats your ps3 gamer tag so i can add u

ziploxian says:

His “NICE!” gets me every time. lol

Thameren Aka thameren says:

oh my god I’m going to make toughs into table legs

Tekno Statik says:

Hellz yea, man!

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