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Decorating on a budget can be colorful and chic! Plus a canopy DIY made from a hula hoop! TargetStyle and I team up to show you just how simple it is to style your space without breaking the bank. For more decorating fun make sure and subscribe to my channel here:
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Threshold 300 Thread Count Organic Sheet Set:
Threshold Lattice Throw:
Room Essentials 2-Piece Printed Suede Triangle Pillows:×18/-/A-16934859#prodSlot=medium_1_2&term=triangle+pillow
Room Essentials Textured comforter set:|pdp|viewed_bought|pdph1
Room Essentials #loveit Lumbar Pillow:×18/-/A-17069754#prodSlot=medium_1_1&term=love+it+pillow
Room Essentials Southwest Lumbar Pillow:×20/-/A-17055882#prodSlot=medium_3_19&term=lumbar+pillow
Curtain Rod:
Threshold Velvet Curtain Panel:
Threshold Hourglass Accent Table:
Room Essentials Articulated Task Lamp:
Threshold Modern Anywhere Chair:
Privilege Small Ceramic Jar with Lid:
Threshold Large White Patterned Glass Hurricane Candle Holder:
Threshold Clipped Sheer Curtain Panel:
Threshold 4 Pk Woven Stripe Placemats:
Threshold Faux Succulents in Black Ceramic Planter:×8-5×5/-/A-14715781#prodSlot=medium_1_14&term=succulent
Room Essentials Desktop Storage Unit:
Woven Water Hyacinth Basket Wall Decor:×30/-/A-15574713#prodSlot=medium_1_11&term=basket+wall+decor
3D Cork Letters:
Chainlink Wall Storage- Aged Brass:
Circo Chevron Rug:
similar black side table:
similar black lamp:

Audio Tracks:Should Be More – NoVox30Sec.aiff, Queen Of My Prom – NoVoxNoSynth.wav, & Better Than The First Time – NoVox.wav
Video directed and edited by: Brad Etter
Produced by: Mr. Kate Inc. & Gearmark

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Sophia PlaysMC says:

I go to canvas classes to hang them in my room and they match so much

Katelyn Newton says:

Omg plz do my room

Dakota Beach says:

Or paint it

Trevor Phillips says:

why did you have 2 different tables?

Fiona Decoste says:


mrsasummers82 says:

Why build a room?? this could have been done to an actual room. so many people out there need help


two different bed side tables…very surprised

Evelyn Xie says:

when is the winner of the 10,000$ room transformation going to come out

Jazz M says:

300$ was good if you know how much itll be compared to anything else youll know but this is afforable she styled that all the way up

Grace_ Rose says:

I dont have that type of money and all i can do is move my old furiture not add so even if this video is good for ideas i cant buy qny of this

•Out•Whitted• says:

You should come and do my room!!

banana831000 says:

whoooo 1 million

Pringella's Art says:

OMG Mr. Kate I lurrrrrrv your videos!!! Your interior designing is amazing!!!!!! They just get better every time!!!

Miranda Rose says:

my name is miranda so this is creepy

12345678910 Gomez says:

I like the first one

Lauren Elizabeth says:

THEY HIT 1M AHHHHH! YaaaaaaaaaaaaaY!!!!!!!!! SO PROUD OF THEM

Salina Ballerina says:

im redecorating my room and itll cost me about 500$ beecause i did research and calculations

Luaren Stewart says:

Very nice

Kayla Loyns says:

at the moment I share a room with my younger brother. Soon I will be moving into a bigger house and I’ll have my own room. Could you help me with ideas? I’m thinking of desining my room in pink or grey. I going to have a bunkbed(silver) double at the bottom and single and the top. The walls are white. Please get back to me if you see this comment

xtraOrdinarygirl says:

Love the canopy.

Phangirl Becca says:

She said the room was “kinda small” but my room is literally less than a third of that room

TheJennymugginsy says:

I wish she would say where she got these things a little more often. Like I love the tribalish throw pillow.

Heyheyhannah says:


felix sahayaraj says:

I’m trying these in my room approximately it costs 20,000

Toine De Queen says:

Thank you, because I save an old lamp with a beautiful shape but it has an awful color and thank to your advice I spray paint it and know the lamp looks like very new and expensive !!! You guys are magician !

boss Foxy says:

Confuse please clarify your gender

Samantha Christensen says:

can u do my room

su Ka says:

hi mr kate.
i love your style.
i am moving into a new rental place with 1 queen bed, 1queen bed on a box and one queen bed. 1 teen boy, 2 girls and us.
thats about all the furniture we have.
please give some tips to decorating on a budget

Susana Keller says:

40 dollars for that basket thing on the wall is crazy way to much money

The Harndens says:

Great video ! Very inspiring !!!

Giannah Sprague says:

Who else just watches these Mr. Kate vids and just wishes their house could be like these…

Alexandria Warden says:

So what are your tips for a more grandma style room. I love collecting stuff, like vintage dolls, tea cups, glass figurines, etc. I do not like those new styles, and trying to restyle my pop themed room that other people did for me Is really hard. please help Mr. Kate!

Ashish Zachariah says:

But I only have $10 in my budget

Niyati Shah says:

Going through all your old videos again BECAUSE YOU’LL HIT 1M YAAAYYYY

Maria Reyes says:

The white side table looks like a toilet comode

FayeFaye Gang says:


Hey Its Jay says:

You got the name wrong, it’s Jayden, not Miranda

Vanessa Herrera says:

Why is it Mr.kate ? Wouldn’t it be Ms.kate

Erulasse .1 says:

which grey is it

Zina Lala says:

why is her name “MR” kate tho ?

Evelyn Xie says:

when she first showed the white side table i thought that it looked like a toilet bowl but now looking at it it is really pretty

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