Back to School: Locker Organization + DIY Decorations!

YAY! Thumbs up for more Back to School with Beth videos!!

I wanna see YOUR locker accessories! Send me a picture to twitter or
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When do you go back to school? lemme know in the comments!


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Maja Mikulska says:

im watching this in 2017

Eddie Hathurani says:

Whose watching this in 2017

xavier girl addy says:

i have to have gum, candy. then deoterent and etc.

Klock Plock says:

who wathing this at 2017 an who doesn’t have Locker like this comment

Haileni Felix says:

do you have friends

Geevie says:

I wish my school actually gave us lockers…

Ella Lupin says:

Dunno… Food, lotion, keychains,, all of them!!!!

JemimaCsugiarta Jemima_sugiarta says:

Since my locker is completely small compared to yours, I used cardboard to separate my locker into two, I know it’s kinda embarrassing but it works lol

Top Teen says:

quem fala português aqui

Stella Oliveira says:

amei o vídeo! sou brasileira! manda beijo o CA!

sunita faghiryar says:

Who is watching in 2017

Natasha Pieloor says:

where is target????

Isabella! :D says:

where is the shop , I want buy imans

Sham Sham says:

its Buatfil love this

GabIsFab ! says:

What even are those lockers

justin belieber says:

I love you beth

Luna Gutierrez says:

i have that packpack

Vida De Estudante Com kaway ! kaway ! says:

quem fala português Brazil. Da um link

Diana Secretnaja says:

Привет классный канал!

Kaila Milgrim says:

im going to do some off these next year for shore and my school lets us have gum

O Mundo da Juju says:

i love this video

Maureen Anwar says:

In my school we only have PE lockers. And I only have one locker shelf. On the top I have to little buckets for my stuff. I also have a mini first aid kit. (Next year I’m gonna get magnetic basket thingies) I keep my perfume dry shampoo and a hair brush in one of them. The other one has my mini lint roller deoterent and oil absorbing sheets. And on the bottom I have my clothes. Should I have an emergency kit?

Marissa Wellman says:

I am watching this in 2017!!!!!!!!!!!

Prasheetha Chella says:

I have a owl lip balm

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