5 DIY Decor Ideas For Succulents

5 DIY Decor Ideas For Succulents. Ideas for terra cotta pots, how to drill ceramic, upcycle ideas for planters, make a mini cactus garden, white washed ombre terra cotta… Just a few ideas for how to add greenery to your home with a calm energy and cool vibe.

xo, Christine

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Jarla Yu says:

so cool!!! love it!!!!

multisomebodyelse ¿ notme says:

like mint

TheStyleCat says:

Girl! This is one of the best succulent videos I’ve seen on YouTube, love these decor ideas! Just recently started amassing a mini collection of my own and was looking for just this!

multisomebodyelse ¿ notme says:

like cool lol 🙂

musicforvickiix says:

can you just add small rocks or shells under the soil for drainage? or is the drainage hole very necessary?

ران الدوسري says:

جميله الفكره

summerwll says:

so beautiful. I see white stones being add almost in every indoor decorations tutorials. But I always wonder how do you add water? I mean plants need watering… I hope someone can answer this question. I don’t wanna kill a plant for the sake of beauty showing.

whimsicaldreamer says:

these ideas are so lovely christine!! The elephant lotus one is my favourite ❤ just uploaded a glow – in -the – dark succulent video on my channel and now im on a succulent video spree xD

Kyana Jones says:

Why do you use water seal when using the clay pots? BTW I love this video, definately very informative

choklitfairy9 says:


Lyna White says:

Where do u get the crystals? I love your vids Pls keep making more DIY .. Thank u

Pavani Raj says:

awesome. but watering those plants is very difficult na, i think u will u some syringe or something… but???

HitStep08 says:

My gosh your decor is seriously on point!!

Music Music says:

beautiful, you inspired me.

Quentin Zero says:

omg you know so much about succulents :o!

Sithara Gamage says:

hi christine im new to ur channel.. loving it.. could you please tell what is the name of the soothing background music you have in ur videos.. so calming

Helga 7055 says:

looks so nice @_@

multisomebodyelse ¿ notme says:


Linda Verrastro says:

Great ideas

Paula Kelly says:

Christine, please tell me what that wonderful, haunting music! I love it!

marios dafnis says:

you have such nice ideas its hard though to do them all here in greece not many stores with these products

Cloe Heart says:

Your style is so clean and elegant, but at the same time, it is kind of rustic and bohemian. I love it.

Maddie Medrano says:


Hannah Shark says:


Bluerose11 says:

Can the chemicals in the water repellent and paint leach into the soil and harm the plant? I have many clay pots that could use a touch up but I was always afraid that the paint would poison the plants. I love your videos and your plants! Thanks for making them.

Patty M-R says:

I really like all of your projects! Good ideas!

Faith Toshi says:

Love I’m I love with ur videos

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