4 EASY Christmas Decor DIYs | Small Apartment Christmas Decorating 2016

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Who’s ready for 4 adorable Christmas Room Decor DIYS?! Which DIY was your favorite? Yarn pom garland, felt trees, cotton sticks, or the organic ornaments?! These DIY’s are super easy and affordable and will most definitely make your bedroom, apartment, beautiful for Christmas holidays!

Christmas Tree Printable: http://bit.ly/2ft8GzO

Did you miss last years Christmas decorating videos? Start watching the 25 Days of Christmas from the beginning here:

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Christmas is right around the corner!! Santa hats, christmas tree decorations, christmas room decor DIY’s, DIY gifts for family and friends… SO MANY AMAZING VIDEOS are coming for you guys to get in the holiday spirit! My mom, Rebecca Robeson, (aka the Christmas decorating Queen on YouTube) and I are collaborating together to create an amazing holiday series, The 25 Days of Christmas! Its going to be full of beautiful christmas decorating videos for your home, apartment, or even dorm room! No matter what your budget is, we will have something to inspire you on how to make your room or home beautiful for the holidays!

We will be uploading a new Christmas video every week day between our two channels so make sure you’re subscribed to both channels so you don’t miss out!

** Share your holiday decor and DIY’s with us on social media and INCLUDE the hashtag #ChristmasWithTheRobesons and we will include your photos in our final christmas videos!

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Christine Razo says:

I love all of them omg such good ideas I plan on making them with my granddaughter thank you God bless you and your family I love watching your videos.

Froggy Mummy says:

love your videos, my favorite number 2 definitely doing that one !

Cecilia Moreno says:

I love her Christmas diy videos I remember watching all her Christmas videos last year so much fun doing all those diys last year!

Itz_ Pizza says:

OMG I love this diy!!

K k, says:

can you put the link for the pom pom maker

Momma Schmooze Reviews says:

very nice! loved all of these!

Janean1673 says:

I liked the faux cotton branch

James Werner says:

I love all of them, but my favorite is the pom pom garland! You could change the colors based on your theme!

Zachyra Trejo says:

Very pretty. I like them all. I have just one suggestion… I think it would be better to paint the egg carton before cutting it.

Mincrafter Killer says:


Angie Esquivel says:

I love the felt trees! I am going to make some for my dessert table for my Christmas Party. Thanks for the cute ideas!

emsnts says:

I had to double check her name to make sure who she is because my eyes see Emma Roberts, but my ears hear someone else lol

elisabeth chatzivasileiou says:

haha you’re awesome! so funny .beautiful ideas!

Cherry Lee says:

string your straws on yarn and hang it to spray paint them…easier than holding them

Vicki Oneal says:

Loved the trees the best,but there all great!

Mrs Kimberly says:

Love all the Christmas DIYs

Fealice Green says:

cotton sticks

SuperNewwife says:


Tyanna Williams says:

Fuck you it does not matter what you use

trp1282 says:

The cotton picks were my fav. All of your DIYs were so creative and unique. Def going to have to try a few! TFS

Super Bangs says:

Pom Pom garland

Jennifer van Delden says:

Really nice video !

Melissa Hale says:

For the cotton sticks; What if you painted the carton before cutting it, then just touched up the cut edges?

Polly Johnson says:

I know how to make a pom pom without that

Phoebe says:

WOW WOW!! I love all 4 ideas! I think the Trees are my favourite, but it was a tough decision!
COOL! =)

Laura Ashton says:

Loved all these projects! I think my favourite is the felted tree project, I am going to try that one! Thanks for the great videos!

Cassio Rios says:

tudo lindo mas deveria focalizar menos seu rosto e dar mais ênfase ao que esta ensinando,,, seria mais proveitoso

Piggy Oink says:

I’m going all out for christmas

Angela Ford says:

Can’t believe people buy pom pom makers lol. make your own out of cardboard. You can make them any size you want then .

L_Mariee says:

You can hold the tree down with paper clips it’s so much easier I did this

saussyy Kelyn says:

i was like emma roberts wat u doing but then i was like ohh hhaahah

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