02:27 DIY candles form an orange
03:56 How to make a vase from an old sock
05:39 Stylish DIY bowls
08:40 Awesome bedroom ideas

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Wicked Jess says:

Yay let’s reuse old videos because we’re running out of ideas!!!

Ariel Harmony says:


Anton Michael Swanepoel says:

i think we all want to know how exactly she glue gunned those twigs onto the balloon. what spell did she use

Lyric Rain says:

I kinda wanna try the coconut one but coat it in resin or something similar. To Incase it and have a pretty decorative bowl that u can use more than once ❤️

Liz Biz says:


water2mel says:

Why bleach when you can just paint those cones?

itsmyluckyday11 says:

Probably not going to be rockin’ slabs of acrylic with cheapo flowers as earrings and necklace. Or the matching canvas bag.

Empressive says:

anyone know the song playing at 5:37?

Impossible Sisters says:

Well that’s 11:04 of my life I just wasted…..

Marcela Glitterhands says:

The candle in the orange is cute though I bet it smells good too! I shall try this…

Paranormal One says:

The only useful thing I seen was the modge podge as picture transfer

CuddleFish Treasures says:

These are for men?????

Anton Chigurh says:

…and next week we’ll show you how to turn hubby’s Bose speakers into fancy hamster cages.^^

Cin says:

5:12 awe gee what time its ma? oh it fucking 4 tea

itsmyluckyday11 says:

This person has to be colorblind or a flippin’ clown.

Жанна Вельск says:

Чем залиты шишки?

blah says:

Why the square videos

itsmyluckyday11 says:

Can you honestly put hotglue on an inflated balloon??

Rama Rima says:

I’ve done a lot of stupid things in my life and watching this video was one of them

Afsana Alam says:

Those ideas is best for decorating ⭐️I love it❤️


Um why not spray paint the pine cones?

Жанна Вельск says:

Сумка как грязная, плохо.

DJ Febrezee says:

Where do you think that bleach goes after you wash it down the drain? What a waste. Your “pollution footprint” must be mammoth.

Victor Maker says:

Your ideas are very unusual, but they will help everyone to develop their imagination. Thank you for the video!

Sophie Wilde says:

WTF sorry but this is a gross waste of perfectly good things that could be used by people with little.The cup and saucer clock at 4.55 is just foul ,for a start what was the point of marbling colour on the outside of 12 PERFECT cups and leaving the inside white ,waste of paint and cups .The ‘thing’ that looks like a baby’s pooed nappy at 4.55 wrapped around an empty bottle of JD ,I mean who on earth would want that in their home? I’m an artist myself and the sheer amount of talent on YouTube is simply staggering ..sorry but you guys need to get a different creative outlet as these are just sad .

Kathleen Baig says:

Olga ballet cards

Азъ Есмь Тамара says:

Херней страдают от безделья.Только ненормальный будет портить настоящие шишки, да ещё пахнущие хлором…идиотизм…

chasendash Green says:

Most of ideas are pathetic ..lol

MysteriousCarnation says:

“5-Minute” “Crafts”

Fixed that for you. Now, who do I see about a refund on my time watching this crap?

mhmmdzen zen says:

What’s is song?? 2:03

garden doggo says:


Nastassja Ficko Soklic says:

Those pinecones look painted lmao

Caroline Graham says:

Open a coconut in 5 mins?? Try 5 hours. Bs

Рида Фазлыева says:

А брелок из чего делается. ?

666 Religion.ist.Heilbar says:

Dumm…. Wieder sowas überflüssiges

69LOLIN says:

These are handcrafts for kids to have fun!

Fem Portagal says:

Yes. Let’s put a flame inside something that is flammable.

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