12 EASY Wall Art & Room Decoration Ideas – DIY Compilation Video – HGTV Handmade

12 ideas for EASY wall art and room decorations, perfect for your house, apartment, or dorm room! Check out the full tutorials:


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Carolynn Alvarez says:

Awesome complilation… ive watched all if these when they first came out but this was cool seeing them all together. Slightly related, anyone else tired of “good vibes only” its just an unrealistic expectation and makes me feel pressured to not not be a downer, but that’s not being true to self. Plus there so many vibes why limit it to a very generic “good” ….lol. Thinking out loud….

Amalie Allsted says:


Alida Gautreaux says:

First comment!!!! YAY!! I just love me som HGTV Handmade!!! All of you ladies (and the two crafty lumberjacks gentlemen…lol) are so creative!!!!!

xxOwLEyeSxx says:

I liked them all but I think I will actually try #5, #7 geometric bear & # 12. Ive actually already done something similar to 9, 10 & 11.

murphy1384 says:

Loved the HELLO peg board..so cute

Sruti Praba says:

I’m a new subscriber and I’m already enjoying this channel! You deserve more views and subscribers. I’ll definitely tell my friends…

Jo Neal says:

I do like this format…and have enjoyed these projects. I’ve actually made a couple of them (#2,3)! I think it would be fun to see all of your ideas in the same video with new content. Same theme, different spin? Just a thought.

Creative Gen - DIY says:

I remmber the geometric bear being my first diy that I tried from this channel. Time flys!!

Bianca Bella says:

Second coment….YEY♥️♥️♥️

Swarnima Shree says:


starlizz says:

Why have you guys been recycling old diy projects so much lately? I wish that y’all would be more transparent and just admit that its a compilation of old projects instead of making it seem like they are new!

leigh bolt says:

some great ideas.

leslie nikulka says:

I love the scarf-covered canvas and the rope-covered frame. Thanks so much for sharing, Marie.

Josiah Zavala says:

Yay!I love u hgtv handmade ur da best

HGTV Handmade says:

Nobody should have boring, blank walls! Here are 12 ideas for wall art decorations anyone can make! Which one was your favorite?

Justin E says:

This is one of your best videos based on the DIYs! Thanks! Can you do another video with different yarn projects??

Rachies x3 says:

I loved the whole collab between all the creators on this channel.

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