10 Holiday Decoration Prank Ideas (DIY How To Hacks & Pranks!)

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Printable Pranks:
The whole list of printable pranks: (Many are from other videos of course!): http://www.prankingitforward.com/2016/11/top-elephant-stocking-stuffer-prank-gits.html

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Samir Mazumder says:

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I loved the last prank

Michael Gann says:

Michael Gann

Sylveon 1 says:

he cannot pronounce roof right

Bella Rose says:

i like all of your videos

vern freeman says:

solo cup prank hot glue a stack of them together

Crafts with Mama kat says:

Wait????????!!!!!!! You showed your address when you were doing the last prank

Mahiya chowdhury says:

happy bday

Jonjon Capacete says:

the last one was really epic! i tried it and my neighbors freaked out! i ended up like just what you said in your other prank videos: SIT BACK, AND LAUGH.

Veronica Smith says:

I love you so so so so much

Charmander Mask says:

I dare every body to click the numbers 9:11

Tim Johnston says:

can you make a video about Valentine’s Day pranks

Jowell Crawford says:

Hi my name is Jowell I am a fan of you can you make a video with Holloween pranks because I like Holloween and I want more than a few pranks

Jesse Arreguin says:

Why did you say f*ck it I’m just a little boy.

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happy birthday rich ferguson!!!!!

bossarapter awesome says:

you can’t call these pranks

Jason Reardon says:

i want the gliter

Thomas DJ says:

rich Ferguson it is cool

Heather Soliday says:

I am going to play a few gags on my big brother.

India Hicks says:

You re the worlds greatest magic person ever

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Johnners Loon says:

Do you get scard when you do the pranks

Shayden Pukekura says:

happy birthday

Johnathan Burcham says:

You are amazing

Bob Dallis says:

loved the last one

Donovan Roque says:

I want to enter

Joanna castillo says:

you should prank your friends

Jason Reardon says:

i mean the man

Amanda Flatt says:

You are so COOL you are so awesome

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