10 DIY Summer Room Decor Ideas – Easy and Beautiful Room Decorations for Summer

In this video I show how to make ten DIYs for summer room makeover – DIY Pineapple pencil holder, DIY Gold Pineapple Mirror, DIY Giant Flip-Flop Pin Board, DIY Starfish Bowl for jewelry, DIY Hawaiian garland and “Flying” Seagulls garland, DIY Flamingo Pencil Topper, DIY Grass Pencil Holder, DIY Lifebuoy coasters and DIY Wall Art – “Window to the dreamland” 🙂

All materials are easy to find at home!

The first Summer DIY – Pineapple Pencil Holder. You will need yellow and green paper, narrow glass (or you can use empty shampoo bottle, just cut the top) and a glue stick (or tape). Super easy and super summerish and summerlike! 🙂

The second DIY project – Giant Flip-flop Pin Board (or noticeboard). You will need a paper (to draw a template), cheap roll mat (or thick cardboard), a piece of drinking straw and about 60 cm ribbon. Don’t worry, you will cut just a small part of your yoga mat and still could use it! Or don’t use it at all, as I do LOL

The third DIY Room Decor Idea – Starfish Bowl For Jewelry. You will need a glass bowl and a hot glue gun. For decoration use acrylic paints. Guys! It is absolutely awesome! Seriously! Looks fantastic!

Moving on – DIY “Flying” Seagulls Garland. Eight pieces of paper (I used light blue, but white will be good too), watercolor (black and orange), white sewing thread and something round to hang them (gulls). I used embroidery hoop, but it could be a circle cut of thick cardboard as well.

Super fast and easy DIY – Potted Grass Pencil Holder. Just three ingredients – plastic broom (green), plastic container, decorative stones. Works and looks perfect!

The next DIY Summer Room Decoration is absolutely gorgeous – DIY Pineapple Mirror. You will need a mirror (you can decorate the mirror at your room, not necessary to buy it), gold acrylic paint, wooden ruler and popsicle stick (to scratch the dried paint), Wooden tools will not scratch the mirror, so it is very important.

Next super cute desk decoration – DIY Flamingo Pencil Topper. I show the easiest way to draw flamingos, so everyone will be able to repeat it. For this project you will need paper, pink (or peach) felt, glue gun and pink pencil 🙂

The next, eighth DIY, is a Hawaiian flowers garland made of paper. It looks so bright and beautiful! You will love it. And all you need is paper and watercolor!

The ninth DIY – Lifebuoy Coasters. So summer, so cute! You will need felt and piece of yarn for this project.

And the last DIY project – DIY Window Wall Art. If you live in the city, such as I do, you will love the way to make your apartment become a bungalow at the beach LOL Anyway, this kind of fake window on the beach will cheer you up in rainy weather 🙂

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