10 DIY Room Decor Project ideas you NEED to try!

In this video, I show 10 easy DIY decorating ideas that you never thought of!

Have you seen my last tumblr and Pinterest inspired DIY Room decor?! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cILQm0Kkiw4

Here is my iPad giveaway! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CM-3F0Wu0QE

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bewapotato says:

if your feeling weird and shaky then your ether hungry or thirsty or both, seek help immediately by searching your fridge.

Jill Heaton says:

I have a succulent named Winston too!!

Dayna Ferreira says:

I did not like any because I can’t make any of them

Megan Hughes says:

what was that song at 0:48 with the mood board sign?

Ava Sanderson says:

you look like a frickin slutty school girl

Mara Cramer says:

you should do a Q & A with your boyfriend

Darlene Fontanez says:

i love all they all are good

Sophia Greer says:


CocoaBean says:

this music sounds like an 8-bit intsrumental of each song lmbo

Darkscarlet 101 says:

1:58 what song is this?

Lol.ipop1294 TT says:

You lok like Ariana grande

Heather Svoboda says:

you are cool and wierd at the same time

juliaproductions 7 says:

whats the background song named on 0:04 pls tell me

Briony Wright says:


Emma Elise says:

Do a video on just bloopers

Ella Cate says:

OMG! i love her nails in this vid

Super Manvith says:

its not nice

Planty99000 AJ says:

Who knew every song in the backround? xD

caitlin barkman says:

Why are there no seeds on the water melon

ItsSophiX says:

My favourite was the mood one, I’m going to make Taft for my teacher that’s leaving.

B&B Fan says:

The donut and the pineapple rug

Kaylee Brandner says:

I liked all of them Meg and I watch you every Day on YouTube!!!!  <3

Galaxy Wolf says:

I have that kind of desk but it’s black

Manuel Huerta says:

snapchat me im a paratrooper, mannyfresh2016

Lexi Florez says:

my fav is the mood

Kamile Nuakaite says:

yeu are kool

Ava Carson says:

I love your channel u are so funny

Besty says:

Love it

Chlo-Bo Style says:

I’m re watching this and all her room diys remind me of Thailand cause I watched them…that was in 2015!i made a list of diys to do and…never did them

Mia Stoops says:

hey girl

Alicia ibarguen perea says:

PORQUE ablas en ingles

Melodyody says:

You were so awesome before! What’s wrong?

Kate Johns says:

Why does everyone have fun and creative rooms when mine is going and blamd

lyndsy Pritchard says:

hmmm…. today my mood is PINEAPPLE! lols

Kira's Stuff says:

is just me or did she put bloopers twice

lucie fogg says:

selfie on snapchat

Farzaana Ahad says:

my fave was the mood 1

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