THRIFT FLIP WITH ME | diy thrifted clothes! (EP. 3)

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In today’s video I’m doing another thrift flip video! thrift with me and diy thrifted clothes! diy goodwill clothes! inspired by emily elizabeth, thesorrygirls, coolirpa, and more! diy clothes from old clothes!


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✧How old are you? 18 (first year at University of Richmond)
✧What camera do you use? Canon EOS Rebel T5i
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✧Where do you live? Ohio/Virginia

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Frida anne says:

these are so cute wtf

Francesca M.H says:

I absolutely love your videos!! wowowowow

Mallory's Holden says:

Your last thrift video I commented that Friday finds would be cool where you could haul everything you got on thrifty Thursday but I think that Thrift Flip Friday would be cooler

Coll Brown says:


Caroline Chen says:

Can we see the “flipped” clothes?

Pleun Van kol says:

We LOVE a crafty queen

Jenna Awesomeness says:

It’s really cute!!! Turned out great!

Berklee Ryann says:

Turning tshirts into tube tops is literally my favorite thing to do lol

It'sANNA says:

We LOVE a triangle drawing SHISHTER

Caity J says:

Omg rock it girl

jessica bowman says:

Its cringey that you dont use a sewing machine

Diana Solis says:

AMAZING!!! Ur thrifting vids and vids in general are my fav!✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

Iyla’s Corner says:

I love thissssss❤️❤️

Pallasite Matrix says:

Upcycling is great, and you did a good job- the nike top is really cute

I’d like to offer a couple of tips, though. Don’t worry about hemming edges that are going to get sewn/”taped” together. The purpose is to neaten edges, add structure, or keep the fabric from fraying, but you don’t have to worry about fraying with tshirt fabric. It’s also a little silly to neaten edges you aren’t going to see like that, because it makes your seams more bulky.

A ruler or straight edge is your friend. I’ve used the edges of notebooks before- whatever’s reasonably sturdy will work.

I don’t know if you did this or not because of the way the video was cut, but a good way to double check to make sure things are symmetrical is to fold things over, just to be sure. Like with the shorts- make your marks and then fold them over.

Hope this helps!

Leslie Guerra says:

What that’s tape thing yr using

Odalys Montoya says:

Great video❤️

Fmaa0 says:


jani's world says:

I love your Thrift videos

Gabby DuBois says:

you can use surgical scissors

alienfanclub_beauty says:

love you sm

Sarah tout simplement says:

awww the nike tube top turn so well !! Good job girl !

Anna Pacini says:

Yes I have been so excited for this video

Mae Ryan says:

You could have not cut the triangles and hemmed the top and bottom before attaching it all together

Pleun Van kol says:

I love you so much, you’re my fave yt by far

Morgan wiles says:

Hi I love your videos so much

Gabriella Krell says:


Kayla ay says:

what was that you used to ‘hem’?!

Glamorous Tre says:

Omg i love that song rockstar by Hannah Montana

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