Team 10 DIY Clothing Tutorials For Cheap (Fashion Hacks)

DIY Clothing Tutorials That Will Make Your Life BETTER (Fashion Hacks)
Part 1:
Team 10 DIY Clothing Tutorials At Home (Fashion Hacks)
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Daria Krasnobaeva

Look like you’re part of Team 10 with these 5 simple and easy DIY clothing tutorial hacks.

Which DIY will you try next?
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12. DIY Clothing Tutorials That Will Make Your Life BETTER (Fashion Hacks)


Simply Savvy says:

these are super dingy and time wasting im not doing any im unsubscribing

jonatas oliveira says:

I’m going to try that shirt that was really cute the tops to wear with the suitcases

Linda Longhorn says:

Her jeans were getting in my nerves like she was wearing flares

Vienna' s vlogs! g says:

You little or what no bobs

Paola Almanza says:

You are sow dum and that Érica is not yalis

Katherine and Stephanie Zelayalara says:


Valeria Martinez says:


Yuri Diana says:

Spot it because team 10 is not redial you ok

Şenka The remix says:

don’t ever say that *to go out with Jake* he is gonna start drama with you!!!!

evaldas grudzinskas says:

Copy cat

Ryan Sullivan says:


Cameron says:

Guys, just because there making a video on Team 10 doesn’t mean you have to hate on them. I’m not a fan of team ten myself, but there ARE people that DO enjoy this. The model here is very pretty.

Dalila Jimenez says:

I love how she says do it in front of a moeir(sorry i spelled it worng)and she just cuts it so short

Edmond Luli says:

Her body isn’t for this clothes

Nefry Mora says:

i got a clear rainbow sented cherry

bangerboy. awsome says:

very bad and the most worst

Lily Goertzen says:

I know it’s not all the same quality but why copy if you can just buy it?

Megan Charles says:

U really need a new model she’s pretty but not a good model

Mia Sanford says:

These are like the WORST (Fashion Hacks) that I’ve seen on YouTube soo far !!! That Model is soo skinny and cringy !! LOL!!! That’s what you’re suppose to be doing when your running out of YouTube ideas…. choose a TEAM and recreate their clothes !!!

Jacky Lara says:

Weirdo:Even Erica would be jealous

Me:The one who’s jealous is you,
You are the one copying Team 10

Jacky Lara says:

Dude everything looks way better
On Tessa ,Erica,and Jake
What’s next Chance and Anthony

Nessie Star says:

She could’ve just used a sports bra instead of cutting a tank top

Vienna' s vlogs! g says:

I fill bad for the clothes because the clothes is stuck too her

Xochitl Flores says:

When she was modeling she was talkin smack about team ten

Natnat Love says:

you know that jake has a wife

Xochitl Flores says:


Lucy And Thalia! says:

Tbh they look amazing on team 10 but not on her just sayin not hatin

shine 15 says:

you could just buy Jake Pauls merch

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