I DIY’d Emma Chamberlain’s new clothing line

If you want any of the clothes I made…

call me 😉


Amelia Cassin says:

Who else would wear the top and scrunchie in this vid?

Boii Wat says:

*Troom* *Troom* *has* *left* *the* *chat*

iLove God says:


Brianna Crisel says:

Omg lol you’re hilarious im subscribing

That One Hamilton Girl You Know says:

Emma?- QuAkInG
Wigs?- flown
Joan’s?- could never
Me?- shook

The Bouncy Banana says:


bruhitsaubrey x says:

does she get on any one else’s nerves??? like i think she burps and over exaggerates her coughs too much (don’t hate, i’m just sharing my opinion)

Ava 0rr says:

Dem groovy pants doe

Jennifer McColins says:

Hon, this made no sense

adriana life says:

Where did u buy your study stable

Madison Bowie says:

red??? i must be blind because i sware to god that shirt is green=/

taeil track says:

Emma is shaking

Jacob Nevermind says:

Omg she looks like Ronald McDonald, Ronald McDonald who??

Marylou Riopel says:

I just have to say that calpurnia is literally the best band! I was watching your video and then bang Greyhound started to play in the background and that made my day ahah 🙂

Maya Sadie says:

I swear *2019 is gonna be **_her_** year*

Kiara Fults says:

Ooooo lets get our trusty old Sharpie * randomly dances*my neighbor is looking at me XD

Kels Day says:

This video would of been good if she didn’t burp and cough so much. It got so annoying

cata cc says:


Lost Hoodie says:

Joana deserves so much more.
Her channel is gonna blow up soon.

Elisa Garcia says:

What’s ur height? U look super tall

Tish Tosh Team says:

Take a shot every time she coughs

Gatcha Flower says:

Joana Ceddia…..John Cena WHO!?!

Sarah's World says:

Joana do not hate on your self❤️

Jessica Maree says:

Oh am I glad you showed up in my recommended, if you never did then I would’ve been bored on YouTube, Joana you are a queen and I love you so much

•Eggos• says:

We need that aqua man parody

Smellybellian 2018 says:

Hell yeah

Faith Kidder says:

YASS sister get that coin

lia khaabe says:

you are killing me hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. why are u covering her body hhhaaahhhaaahhhaaa

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