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This is how I use my clothes to make… more clothes! Have fun doing DIY copy and paste to your wardrobe!! CLICK TO NEVER MISS AN UPLOAD:


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Jessica Hothersall says:

Love the comment about ‘it may not look good, but at least it will fit’ :). Very useful video thanks, I think the sleeve tracing bit is going to need a bit of practice to get right?

CypX says:

finally not an old woman who goes way too fast. thanks!

Truebones Motions Animation Studios says:

I subbed you, thanks and cheers

boring. says:

You make sewing easy

Brandon Paulino says:


Gabriel C says:

Videos r kinda cool

Gypsyyana says:

love it thanks Wendy!!!!

Nat Taylor says:

You don’t really know anything about patternmaking. You should be using a ruler for a start…

Ambers Accent says:

That sleeve draw out is an odd god send!

Javiera Isidora says:

This was so good! Thank you soooooo much!! <3

Shell Jackson says:

Would you use the same scenario for a scrub top that you would the t-shirts method…

Blandine F says:

where is the french sub ? I can’t understand but the video look interesting.


Terrific tips thanks Wendy. I have a pattern that I made that suits stretch fabric but would love to make it with non stretch cotton. Is this feasible, how much more should i add to account for no stretch? Many thanks

Kahory M says:

This was SO helpful!

brotherBvideos says:

Holy smokes..I kept seeing this video on my feed (I’m new into sewing) and this is such a great video thank so straight to the point, it’s perfect..I subbed

soutaine jobson says:

This is amazing! thank you so much!

Sive Chambers says:

Thank you so much this is exactly what I was looking for❤️

gypsygirl731 says:

good job . when i was 3 or 4 I remember in my head to watch my grannie doing exactly what you did. she was frugal and patterns can be 13 -25 $ now. except at joanns or walmart they can be 3-6 bucks on sale. and not what you want. you did a great job and also i have to say watch the grain of fabric .. i use interfacing fabric its about 99 cents to 1.50 a yard this makes patterns last for ever. its a white stiff fabric used in waistbands to make things like cuffs lapels front or back of garments hold their shape and more stiff. so this might be an idea to trace clothes on to for patterns when you have time and file these in big envelopes labeled in a drawer, this year im making aprons for gifts why pay 15$ at tj maxx for one we all need to save

heroine says:

Hi everyone, I would like to know your opinion: it is cheaper to make your own clothes than buying it? About how much? Thank you!

Eiz Qarqash says:

Thank you Wendy! I enjoy all of your videos

AuntFanny says:

For those complaining this is too fast, if you click on the vid, then the 3 dots top right, you can alter the speed. Select a speed to suit.

Soh Hui Cheok says:

Thanks for the video. Be great if you could slow down as the speed that you delivered the instructions is quite tough for a beginner to follow. Just a thought!

robert arviso says:

Amen sister to your scripture comment. Bless you and thanks for teaching useful skills.

Yulia Lurye says:

Very interesting and informative. Will keep it to my library. Thanks for sharing!

Bump688 says:

Thank you for sharing your video. Your shorts have a front fly, could you show us how you do that part please?

modern studies says:

Need to find someone to do this for me

Byron Thomas says:

Thank you for your great video.
This is something that is helpful.

StatikVerse The Shock says:

To anyone who goes that deep into the comments, here’s an idea I might implement soon if it doesn’t get implemented: a machine learning algorithm trained on thousands of custom patterns like the ones in the video, against the photos of the people who made the custom pattern to their body, so you can have an algorithm for detecting the perfect size based off a photo (nude or not). This algorithm could then be integrated everywhere you can imagine. e.g. a custom clothing label that does your size, delivers too, based off photos and comments. Auto generation of the pattern would help a lot with time and since it would be digitized, could be fed into fabric cutting machines dynamically.

S. Deanna DuBose says:

Great video!

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