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Akniet Aytzhan says:

Exactly the third outfit is so adorable

The UnicornGirl says:


Monti Faber says:

I like the first DIY outfit

Aaron Prentice-Evans says:

He will do great

Heidi Faske says:

i definetly like the 3rd the best……..what about yalls ideas? let me know

Kids Drawings says:

Brent’s Your older brother, and Lexi’s or just Lexi’s?

Mskk 2330 says:

Lexi is so cute. ❤

Sarah Thomazinni says:

You should go to the shopping mall with that outfits

Wyllirex Fortnite says:

Are Ben and lexi going out???

Diana Muja says:

Your girfriend is Sofie Dossi?

Jamie Lawrence says:

Ben doesn’t post enough

Yara Diaz says:

I showed my brother a few of lexis videos and he said you always dressed….really …… slutty IT WAS MY BROTHER NOT ME AND NOW HE SAYS SORRY SO BEN tell Lexi he said sorry

Tess Corbett says:

when will it be official????

Hannah Lochbihler says:

Hahaha he kept saying 2018 it’s 2019

Saniya Shahid says:

Hi guys hope you have a beautiful day or night.

qween char charlie says:

Are you dating

Sakshi Gupta says:

Third outfit

Shreya Nair says:


Angelie Pedraza says:

I think the 3 one

Jackie Lukens says:


Tatianna Drummonds says:

lexi all most has the same shoes as me

Ilisapeta Sila says:

U guys should prank Brent that yous are dating and see what his reaction would be

Nidhi's Randoms says:

ahahaha 3rd one for sure!!!

Syra Johal says:

Wait, are they dating or not

Itz Carina says:

You guys are SOOO cute together!!!!

Cephanie Liu says:

This is da couple I’ve been waiting for #BEXI

Edward Barbosa says:

1outfit looks like a girl

Leisha Santos says:

Wait what?
Are they a couple? I thought they’re siblings?

Laras says:

Third one is the best

Mary Wilkinson says:


Jeremy Xiao says:

Omg you both are so cute together

Angela Perez says:

The third one

Maggie P says:

I like the 2 one

jude keely says:

all of them

Nada _2004 says:

Get her out of the diy section

LM Cousins says:

Do more dare vids plzzzz

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