DIY CLOTHES HACKS || Fashion Hacks & DIY Projects for Girls

If you’ve ever had fashion emergencies, we’ve got some great quick fix-it tips that can save the day, and your dignity.

Grab a pen and paper, you’ve got some DIY clothing hacks comin’ at ya!

Instead of replacing clothing at the first sign of wear and tear, why not use these clothing hacks to keep your clothing fresh, fixed and free!

0:01 Easy way to mend a ripped seam
1:05 How to fix a snag in a sweater
2:42 Sneaky way to hide money
3:24 How to fix a broken jeans button
5:12 From shirt to bodysuit
7:19 Cozy slippers out of socks
8:13 How to pack clothes in a backpack and save space

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Gymnastics4everx Slimegirl28 says:

{><} (**)

Carmen Garcia says:

1 like = 1 prayer 4 the pineapple juice :c

David Spinola says:

These girls are on troom troom, right?

Rosetta baker says:


Lynk Faatz says:

Robotic ones

Gaming/vlog 101 says:


Jorge Acosta says:


pretty girl says:

These girls I from 5 minutes craft

Awesome Abbie says:

Me :haha
Video: have spare change
Me haha

Happy Catuts says:

I never have ripped my pants, I wear sweatpants so they are baggy. I do get small holes sometimes because I crawl on the ground a lot to play with my dogs and I fall a lot.

Dorcas Khorshidi says:

l am sarah l want more videos 123 Go! l love you.

Emily E Martin says:

You are just taking five minute crafts videos, thats rude

Sam Williams says:

Is this 5 minute crafts or not

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Sparkly Unicorn says:


{no offence don’t hate on me peoplz}

Mary Jo Schubert says:

Hanna you guys are funny And you’ve saved soo many of my fashion emergence I subbed and hit the bell

1maemom says:

I don’t like that they touched their butt

Charlie says:

With the shirt and underwear how you’d have to take whole shirt off for the toilet. Still a really great hack tho

Carol Jansto says:

When the button on her jeans came of and she buttoned it I could see her belly button

josh rines says:

underwear on youtube ewww i still like the hacks

Zosi Nwabueze-Pryor says:

Spoiler alert the notebook

Jorge Acosta says:


Lexi Lou says:

Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww u on u period

globglogabgalabb memes ouo says:

*ItS nOt A pRoBlEm AnYmOrE*

Rose And Noah says:

how they can pee or if they are gonna switch clothes the panty is connected to the polo HOW??!?!?!?

Aspen Pease says:


skeppinz says:

I love your channel sooo much you have the best hacks

Gabino Lemus says:

3:53 i think i got something from 7 rings when she said “how this g’on work?” Look at 5:06 *Whoever said money cant solve your problems?* well guess what MONEY CAN SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS ;D

Mernie Lee says:

Walang hangang passalamat

holasenioritos life says:

Omg they literally just voiced over another video

123 GO! says:

Have you ever had any of these fashion emergencies? Please let us know in the comments!

Todd Newton says:

Love your videos

Andjela Tejic says:

I like

jack the pretist mom and the pretist satt says:

Can you make an vlog channel
And you can call it 123 vlogs

Manjit Singh says:

Please post a new video

Lola Sowards says:

Umm if you’re a boy you’re going to get grossed out

DolliciousCandy MSP says:

i knew i recognized her shes from 5 minute crafts!

Halo destroyers Forever says:

Nice ass

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