DIY Clothes And Life Hacks For GIrls

Let’s face it, ladies, buying clothes can be a blessing and a curse all at once. Your outfits are cute and amazing, but paying over 60 dollars for a pair of pants that does not even have enough room for pockets is ridiculous. On top of that, your room could use a nice makeover to it, but buying things is expensive and not worth the hassle. Luckily for you, we at Talltanic have researched and found a list of the best DIY Clothes and Life Hacks for women everywhere! These are the best DIY Clothes and Life Hacks for Girls.

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10. Decorate Your Heels
Have a favorite pair of heels? Are the heels of your favorite pair falling apart and looking kind of rough? This DIY life hack has got you covered. By coating the heels of your favorite pair of glitter, you can give that old pair a brand new makeover!

9. Coffee Ice Cubes
Iced coffee is one of the most addictive things on this planet. If you’re anything like us here at Talltanic, you know that you can not start your day without a cup of iced coffee. But what sucks is when the coffee gets watered down by the ice cubes in it. We say let that watered down coffee be no more! With this hack, your iced coffee will stay tasting like iced coffee. Simply pour coffee into an ice cube tray and store it overnight. Once you go to make yourself some iced coffee, you will now have iced coffee all day without the worry if it is watered down!

8. Another Use
Have an ice cube tray that you don’t use? Well, now we found the perfect use for it. Using the individual spaces in the tray, freely organize your eyeshadow! This container now neatly stores any loose eyeshadow you might have laying around!

7. Superhero Shoes
This is easily one of the coolest DIYs on the list. You will need; A comic book of choice, scissors, mod podge, a paintbrush, cardboard, and shoes that are smooth enough where you can glue things to the surface. To begin, cut out your favorite scenes of phrases from the comic and plan where you want them to be placed on the shoe. Then, once you have it laid out on the shoe, simply glue it down with the mod podge until firmly in place. Repeat this until both pairs of shoes are covered. Once they are, apply three more layers of mod podge over the shoes to seal in the comic clippings. Once they’re done, you’ll be able to fight any supervillains in these geektastic shoes.

6. Watermelon Shorts
Watermelon is easily identifiable as the best fruit to eat when you want to cool off in that hot summer sun. For this hack, you’ll need 100 or 99 percent white cotton shorts, red and green fabric dye, a black fabric marker, and some tape. Start by making the dye solution with the instructions provided, and place tape between the waistband and bottom half of the shorts. Then, either using a squeeze bottle or just dipping it into the dye, make the bottom half of the shorts red with your red dye. Hang the shorts to dry, and repeat the same process with the green dye and dye the waistband of the shorts. Then, after the shorts are dry, take your black fabric marker and begin to draw seeds onto the red section, and there you have it. Cute and quirky shorts to wear during the summer.

5. Studded Sneakers
Turn your normal pair of sneakers into a force to be reckoned with. All you need for this DIY is some studded stones, some super glue from the craft store, and your favorite pair of shoes. Simply glue the stones onto your shoes in a cool and unique pattern that will turn your ordinary sneakers into a punk rocker’s dream.

4. Transforming a T-Shirt
Have an old T-Shirt that you just can’t get rid of quite yet…? Well with this DIY hack, you don’t have to! You can turn that favorite T-Shirt into a cardigan! Simply cut the front side of the shirt down the middle, then, using some hem tape, seal the sides you have created. Now instead of tossing that old favorite, wear it around as a fashion statement.

3. Studded Jean Cuffs
Easily make your favorite pair of jeans match your new studded shoes! All you need for this hack again, are glue and some studded stones. Cuff the bottom part of your jeans to your preferred height, and then using the glue and studded stones, place them as needed. Now you have your newly studded and cuffed pants to match your studded shoes!

2. Holographic and Futuristic Collar
This is another hack to go down in the great book of DIYs and hacks. Using some old blank CD’s, pimp out to the collar on your favorite blouse. For this DIY, all you’ll need is some blank CD’s, a pot of boiling water, super glue, and the collar of your blouse. By boiling the CD’s for five minutes, take them out and using scissors and cut the disk down the center, you can separate the cool holographic disc from the filament that covers the CD. After that, cut the disc into smaller triangle shapes, and glue them along the collar of your blouse. Now you’ve turned a once boring blouse into a new, stylish blouse.



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