DIY Clothes 2017! Transform old/thrifted clothes

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In today’s video I’m showing you how to make some diy clothes for back to school 2017! how to transform old and thrifted clothes!

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✧How old are you? 18 (first year at University of Richmond)
✧What camera do you use? Canon EOS Rebel T5i
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✧Where do you live? Ohio

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Larry S says:

what was the song that played during the star jeans???

Milica Begecki says:

i looove the sweatshirt

Vanessa says:

This iron on vinyl i cant find it online ps. I live in Germany can somr one help me where i can find it? Or give me a link

Gabriella Clermont says:

love the video. how tall are you btw bc i’m tall too with really long legs

Anna Bradbury says:

your gorgeous oml and this is so cute

Emma says:

Yoooo I didn’t know they had iron on vinyl, THIS LITERALLY IS LIFE CHANGING!!!

autumn says:

im totally doing the sweatshirt one, i have this old white sweatshirt so ahh im excited!!

hey carlyy says:

What font did you use?? btw love your videos❤️❤️

Helena Golden says:

Love love love this

Ruby Tavola says:

What was the song at 1:18? X

Jerusha Jacob says:

I love the sweater

Janaye Hepburn says:

Love love love the sweater

Rebecca Mota says:

Does the vinyl come off in the wash/dryer?

aotani says:

The music is so good! Can someone please tell me the songs’ names?

Touch The Ass says:


squidalistic 101 says:

ok maybe im not that early but this js a great videoo whoop

Clariccy says:

why are teens styling themselves what we grew up with fucking weird

Rima Yousif says:

Can you use something else instead of iron on vinl?

Youtubers Fan says:

THE HANNAH MONTANA AT THE END AHHHHH lmao that was so cute! i loved this video! you are super creative!!!

Weekly Inspiration says:

Great ideas! 🙂

Giselle Castellano says:

Love the hoodie!

Me Drezzy lucky says:

I love the black and white top it was gd ❤️

daddyseokjin says:

these turned out so good I’m in love!

alisha alam says:


Ginnybellebeauty says:

ahh yass another video! these were such cute diys! especially the checkered sweatshirt! that’s is super cute and unique, imma fan! my mom reminded me that it’s first Saturday of the month today and I cant believe I forgot but at the same time I can bc I start school Monday and ive been working on summer work and just getting my life together… but hey if my mom is willing to come with me I’m down (I can’t drive alone yet lmao this was way too long but then again I feel like every other video I give you a haul of what I got the last time I went o goodwill okay help baiii)

Yvette R says:

i love the race car design on the last one! I think i’ll go hunting for a white hoodie and actually do this because it turned out so cute

Carlos Didjazaá Sánchez says:

Hi! Which song did you use for the jeans part?

Jaceinna Garcia says:

so cute!!

vEDGY tales says:

if taissa farmiga and sarah paulson had a kid.

cristobal silva says:

whats the name of the song of the sweater Diy?

Latest Game Updates says:

Am a small youtuber if you sub me i will get one sub so please sub and i will sub you back please guys help me..

I cut off children's pinky toes says:

I know I’m being a total theater nerd but when the star jeans title came up I thought about Zoe Murphy from Der Evan Hansen

Isabelle M. says:

The sweater is so cute !!!<3

Caitlyn Paige says:

Yesss girl

Jada Jones says:

Yasss these are so cute!!

fabzonline says:

2:15 how she do that. And how do you add those 4 videos at the end what are they called

Julie Anglen says:

i love the sweatshirt

H20Dynamix :3 says:

sweater was the greatest idea ever

Chelsea Pz says:

love the sweatshirt ❤️❤️

MelisaNina Vlogs says:

I love your channel so muchh

Nicole Marie says:

these diys are all so creative, and they turned out so cute!

Nancy L. says:


Mary Katherine Scott says:

You are so cute omg

Roheen Sayeed says:

I love that hoodie – it’s so cute!

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