diy cheap retro & *aesthetic* clothes 4 ppl like me that can’t afford unif etc… 👼🏻

hewwoo!! in this video i showed u guys a few ~retro & aesthetic~ clothing diys! ( diy embroidered jeans, diy checkered socks, diy earrings ) i always want clothes from ‘so aesthetic shop’ and ‘unif’ but my wallet does nOT approve. these r literally the LAZIEST diys ever so i hope u enjoy!

.。*゚+.*.。 see ya next monday! ゚+..。*゚+

my scrunchie business //

✩ let’s try to get to 150k!! i would be so so happy!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・✩

★ previous video – i wore different colors for a week

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★ how did u make ur intro?
i got a cute clip from youtube and overlayed music on it!

★ what editor do you use?
final cut pro x

★ what camera do you use?
i film with canon g7x mark II

★ what nationality are you?
i am 100% vietnamese

★ how old and tall are you?
i am a 5’1” 18 years old and a freshman at SDSU

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Emy says:

crafty queen

cody hughes says:

CYUUTTTTE i love these

leave me alone says:


melo_aguilera says:

Waaa I had never seen your channel before! I love your style! Oh and the intro is super cute btw 🙂

hhannahxo says:

okay ur literally so adorable. like can i be u

therealgv says:


Anoosheh Ahmad says:

where are your black pants from?

angel bb says:

yall this isn’t retro how many more goddamn times are these upper middle class white girls gonna act like they’re vintage when they probably haven’t been in 1 actual vintage shop and probably just go to urban and act like checker print it soooo 90s or whatever the hell they think it is, but it’s embarrassing.

Nia Faith says:

00:19 girl, please. like we don’t remember lol

Xxx Xxx says:

u cute

Mizzle Baaby says:

These diys were super cute

M.a _ says:

Where r those jeans from ? Theyre so cool! What brand ?

Valeria Martinez says:

i really really need to know where did u get those shoes (thumbnail) <3

Rachel Gonzalez says:


Anoosheh Ahmad says:

pls make this a series

FS2Mahmood Zuha says:

omg cuteeeeee I’ll be trying these bc I’m broke hahahahaha

Rowan Stevenson says:

for the first one where is ur jacket from i love it

Kylee Studios says:

Totally random comment but how you edit

K says:

What’s ur intro song lmao I’m in love

Olive says:

Outro music ???

angel bb says:

like do it, because it’s cute, but it’s nooot retro.

Faith Marithè says:

i love your lipstick omggg it’s such a nice shade

harper goldberg says:

your channel is so aesthetic omg i love it

ᴍʀ. ʙᴇᴀʀ says:

Just found your channel, IM BLESSED. ♥️

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