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It’s the last episode of Denimism and Dre has something special, putting your personal brand on your clothes! It’s the perfect way to establish yourself and your individuality.

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Amphetamine treatment C9H13N says:

So boho fo sho

K'la Prewitt says:

1st comment and like

Alex Dawson says:

this is so cool

Savanna Cash says:

Hi people that watch early!

Diamond Garrett says:


Scarlett Nieves says:

Why must it end!?

Karina Guerrero says:

It’s so beautiful!!
I love how it represents YOU ❤️

honey bonilla says:

i made a Denim pillow.


What does your symbol or brand look like and would you put it on some of your clothes?

sofea 90 says:

first comment and first like also first view

Kelsey Sheppard says:

dope but where are you goooiiiinggg???

Alisha Bartoszek says:

Love your show! I’m going to miss you. You always come up with really cute ideas. Your logo dress came out really well!! Good luck and we hope to see you again someday 🙂 ❤️

Emilee Enyart says:

love you you help we with FUSION

Im_Gay says:

aw, I don’t want deminism to end. it’s a really good show

Slippy Toad says:

Hey! Love the video.. may need to give it a try.. my branding would be like some sort of Ravenclaw inspired art with a waterfall incorporated.. too complex? Looking for advice

Jayleen Martinez says:


cici statler says:

wudup early squad

Jessica Ruff says:

I love your videos ❤️

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