7 DIY Clothing Life Hacks

Today we’ll show how to transform old and boring clothes into a bright and colorful outfit. Take your paints and start DIYs with us. Let’s give your old clothes a second life!

Supplies and tools:

• Paper
• Pencil
• Masking tape
• Scissors
• Plastic foil
• Acrylic paint
• Sponge
• Brush
• Plastic envelope
• Hot glue gun
• Permanent marker
• Brooch backs

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Παναγιώτα Σακελλαρίδου says:

so cool

Веля Тим says:


Karen Dwyer says:


Missy Vitolka says:

we don’t have to listen to your stupid ideas

Novalee Richards says:

those r so co I love that

njs world says:

has youtube unsubscribed anyone because they did me

Ester Duran says:

i want to be your friend troom troom

Nikol filipova says:

wowowowowowowowowow br mn e hybavo mnogo e hybavo n
bravo and sasural ka

Yasmin Fatima says:


Mercedes Cela says:

I love it!! <<33

Navie Andrews says:

bitch the acrylic paint will never come out anyway thats what acrylic paint does

kreepart- diy's says:

troom troom please can you do a vedio on spa products

Zakria yaseen says:

Can you tell me on which side you apply colour on the batches

Elisha Singh says:

your awesome

MrCooper Pro says:

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Comment subbed I will sub back! Sure

Yasmin Fatima says:


sualeha zaheer says:

cool ideas

Nikolarea Nikolina says:

I honestly only liked the galaxy T-shirt. The rest doesn’t look good in my opinion.

Yara Sawan says:

“wow it looks like a jungle!”
me: why would I wear something that looks like a jungle?
me(again) :I’m gonna make it though cuz I love troom troom

Millie Coope says:

2000th like


de donde son los polinesios?

Urwa Tauheed says:

troom troom may you do playing hacks please

Dr. Adnan Attiya says:

ILove troom troom

Irm Hassan says:

I love you

ch Zahra says:

I love your diys soo much

Audrey Carson says:

But isn’t all tape adhesive

Мечтательница says:

кто из русского канала

Nerine-Mari Pienaar says:

i love the pins

Novalee Richards says:

those r so cool
I love that

Ado Mulyana says:

i like the pin badges

Samantha Destine says:


Настя Брижата says:


ajith kumar says:


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