6 DIY CLOTHING/FASHION LIFE HACKS! You’ve NEVER Seen Before! +Giveaway Winner Announced!

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Kitkat says:

The undie one was smart but awkward

Utkarsh Mishra says:

You inflated the value of my underwear now 🙂 Very nice innovative mind. Please don’t mind the satire I just loved your work.

Neri AbuShaweesh says:

i tried them all they are all so wonderdull

Alison Tuesday says:

Giveaway please!

nikki Johnson says:

lets be friends

Amy Luhrs says:

i credit the hair donut 2 years ago



BeautyPro 1 says:

Such a shit video,i mean everyone knows all of those hacks and noone wants to wear MEN’S underwear as Bra wtf

Kaitlin Perrie says:

What’s this song called at intro?

manimdumb says:

I am not wearing underwear as a top

Pink Icecream says:

your super super adorable

Luxury Leve says:

Please docthe swiss tag!!

Mely Arroyo says:

She has a hickey

Kikisavage123 Ross says:

I love the last one

Maria Florea says:

this is soo cool ❤❤❤ i love it

Veralyn Robles says:

2000 – “Were going to have FLYING CARS and find a cure for cancer in 17 years!”

2017 – 1. “omg! Where did u get that?”
2.”oh this? It’s just a pair of men’s underwear”
1. “…”
2.”let’s take a selfish and post it every wear so ppl know we’re at Starbucks”

Yep. Get your expectations low people. Like *really* low

gh swaid says:

your amazing and so pretty

Pop Corn says:

If your struggling to put a hair doughnut in then you can use the other method which is when you keep the doughnut at bottom of the pony tail and put the hair from the pony tail around the doughnut and wrap the access around the pony tail using bobby pins this probably doesn’t make sense but you can always look for a tutorial of it on you tube

mylifeastiara says:

i liked the underwearhack

Lexie Amber says:

I saw the hair donut

Alejandra Kimbleton says:


Alessia Vecchi says:

Voglio vedere se seriamente vai in giro con delle mutande maschili al posto della maglia

T Swiffy says:

Am I the only one who was uncomfortable because of her hair in the intro

Chloe A says:

she fully copied Alisha Marie with like the music and the intro when it says her Instagram and snap!!

Kiki Rackz says:

I was so done when she pulled out the sock. I’m just like ” I just kno she not roll that bitch up and put in in her hair like mfs ain’t been doing that since 1902.”

Aylaa Thomas says:

I did

Taylor S says:

I’ve seen all of these before and they were all in one video…

Selena Marin says:

Was that a hickey on her chest at the beginning of the video em i the only one that saw that?

Itz Ria says:

Who watched in 2017

Maira M says:

The underwear one was pretty neat.. I would’ve never thought of that

Krisann Martinez says:

she mad ugly

Carli Scott says:

for th sports bra/ crop top out of mens underwear, what about the brand name showing under your shirt

Natia says:

How this song is called

KierraFehr says:

R u like four

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